OCRP Postal and Minimap (Server Side)

Could you tell me how I cant get it to work and its really annoying me lol

Would you be willing to give me just the numbers without the map in the backround?

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Is there any way to remove the health bar and armor bar?

any idea how I can make this client side? Appreciate it

Is there like a full map for this to be used in CAD’s? for Live Maps and such?

you’re a champ :slight_smile:

Quick question i want when ever i pause the map to show the postal but on my hud in game i want it to show the normal map how would i go about doing this

do you have a script where it shows you the nearest postal? for this map

Any way to fix it? how can delete 1 of them because it’s duplicated

No-one Will care about that

Where can i find a nearest postal script for this? I’ve been looking for a while now i saw a reply where you replied they have a config, wheres that at?

Same here.

I made a full version of the map if you want to be able to see it out of game as a dispatcher or something:

To save: Right click> Open Image in new tab> Right click> Save image as


Every time I start the resource, it gives me the error.

Could not make hard link for /home/rocco/TestServer/server-data/resources//ocrp_postal_map/stream//minimap_0_0.ytd <-> /home/rocco/TestServer/server-data/cache/files/ocrp_postal_map/stream_cache/zda37180198dc3daab4eaf91ed18963bc8a406564.

Also, I’ve noticed that a majority of time the minimap in-game isn’t synced properly and will glitch my current location, kinda like the map is off-centered with the in-game map.

I will be making an issue post on the github with this as well, and hopefully a pull request if somebody fixes it.

You can find the issue I posted on github here.

some reasonine ocrp
postals not showing in mini map or full map

i have ensure ocrp started

Hey, is it fine if I reskin the vehicle models and use them for my server? I will credit you for the models if anyone asks.

having trouble getting my postal code map to pop up in my car radar so i can see postal codes on minimap ? any ideas

have you figured this problem out im having the same issue

can you send me a PNG version of the postal map? its for rocket CAD