Nvidia gpu drivers encountered an error fivem


i’m very frustrated right now. My Game crashes in very random situations.
Im playing since Juny this year. And since maybe 1-2 Weeks, i got this random crashes.
It crashes every 10-20 minutes.

My Hardware is:
i9 13900K
ASUS Prime Z790-P
Windows 11

What i already did?

  • I looked at every site on google with this crash. But nothing helped.
  • I cleaned the cache, server cache and else
  • I did a cleaninstall with fiveM/gta 5
  • I did a cleaninstall of all my drivers
  • I did a cleaninstall of my Windows
  • I checked the files in steam from gta
  • I flashed my bios new
  • I ran a stress test for my system with 3d mark without any issue

But nothing helps. Friends are playing on such an old PC and didnt get any issue.
Notice: I play different Games on Ultra Settings without performance Issues and
crashes. Like Warzone2 with very intensive performance.

CfxCrashDump_2023_11_06_20_31_01.zip (1.6 MB)
CfxCrashDump_2023_11_06_15_06_45.zip (1.7 MB)

I know you mentioned that you did a clean install of your drivers, but did you actually update them? Ive ran into a similar error before and thats all I had to do.

Yeah i did a Update aswell. But i got a temporary fix for me. If you Need Hit me up

fivem developer Any long fix ?

Can you help me,
I also encountered this same problem

Sure Dude.

first of all, if you encounter this error. Delete this folders in the FiveM (Application Data)folder:

Crashes, than go in the data folder and delete this: cache ; server-cache and go in nui-storage folder
to delete this: Cache ; GPUCache.

After that clear the basket and restart fivem, it should work.
If not you need to reinstall fivem. If it doesnt work, hit me up. I have some more ideas to fix it temporarly.