Np Inspired Voting UI

Voting UI inspired from Nopixel. You can change the candidate names and add more easily with just copy paste. Feel free to contact for support and bug report.


  1. Open Ui with /vote command in game.
  2. You can only select one candidate before submitting.
  3. Submit button will only appears if you have selected some candidate and will hide if you deselect.

Note- It is just the UI, you need to add backend stuff yourself according to the framework you you using.



Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 100-200
Requirements Basic knowledge of Html, Css and javascript
Support Yes

Looks good!

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I would be glad if you will not use it then…

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dont talk this about the project from another person, isnt cool, its on github u can pull a commit, help him if u can do better ;p


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honestly great small script. here some idea to improve on it, add a json to hold the data like name of occupants, who voted, keep count of votes and add notification that tell the user they cant revote after already casting a vote. This is the most imported one add a exit button.

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well tbh i didnt have alot of experience on different frameworks but i guess the database stuff is different for different bases right? well i mostly worked on np-base and i can link the ui to save and also to check if player voted before, but my first priority was to make this standalone so everyone can use it. But tell me if i am wrong too…

is it responsive ui?

the server.lua is empty

yeah there is nothing in server side as its just the UI