Now Released! 🇦🇺 Australian Roleplay. Many Departments and Jobs. Not Economy

Unfortunately, This server has shut down for multiple reasons.


I joined the server the other day and I actually find it fun. I played with 3 other people, robbing banks and stores while the cops chased me but it was actually intresting, in a good way. Highly recommend going to check out this server. One thing I do suggest though is to get your server known and although you have 90 members already, i would like to make that number grow… I’ll help you with that if you want… My discord is Dodge#0141


Hey, thanks a lot man. That would help a lot. I’ll message you and maybe we can work something out. I have made you a moderator on our server. Let’s talk :grinning:


Couldn’t agree with you more. A server is a fun place with very kind staff. It is so fun to play on this server with others. Plus, there are constant updates to the server. This has to be one of my favourite servers by far. I truly cannot wait until it gets more users playing on it. Also @Tim_Maclean I think I was one of the cops chasing after you the other day aha :joy:


This server is great! Just played on it now with 3 of my friends and I am in love. So much things to do in here. I really like how everyone’s so friendly. Highly recommend!

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Glad you like it

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Looking for a developer

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Our New ARP Trailer

uhhh, the discord doesn’t really work. It sends me to a non-english, and I mean like a roman server.