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Direct server link: Notorious Roleplay 2.0 | Serious RP | Fresh Wipe | Realistic Economy | Gangs | Drugs | Jobs /
Welcome to Notorious Roleplay, brought to you by Team Notorious! A premium GTA V Roleplay Server here to bring you and your friends a fun and innovative environment to spend your time. Are you and your gang looking for a new city to move to? Are you a well seasoned cop looking to join a new department? Are you new to roleplay and wanting to join in on the fun and learn the ropes? Notorious RP is the place to be baby!
Our first responders are some of our best roleplayers! We pride ourselves on having great leadership at Pillbox Medical, and Los Santos Police Department. Our first responders receive great incentives including payroll, bonuses and ability to earn personal vehicles as you advance through the ranks! We have state of the art scripts like AI medic, AI emergency calls, Evidence cameras, drones, air-one thermal and many more. Join us at Pillbox and our newly renovated MRPD and serve Los Santos proud!
We have an amazing courthouse with a beautiful mural from above to bring peace to a stressful environment. Our Department of Justice has a fully set up Bar exam, jury duty - where you can cast your verdict, court case management and more in place. Are you interested in practicing law and helping the citizens of Los Santos find justice? Join our team and fight those cases!
Are you a gang ready to run the street and control your territory? Or are you just dabbling and dipping your toes in for a little extra money? Take a look at just a few of the things we have to offer!

  • Drugs: Weed, Cocaine, Meth, Oxy, Shrooms, Moonshine

  • Vin Scratching and Car Boosting

  • Black Markets

  • Crypto Mining

  • Car Scrapping

  • Crafting Benches

  • Traphouse

  • Robberies: House, Stores, Banks, Materials, Oilrig, Bobcat, Bank Trucks

  • Personal Skill Tree
    There are plenty of things to do and jobs to have! Players can have up to two whitelisted jobs per character!

  • Bluefin Fish and Farm,

  • Nobel Tobacco

  • Wingstop

  • Uwu Cafe

  • Barrett’s Brewery

  • Bella’s Buns

  • Chap’s Motorworks & Towing

  • White Widow

  • Darko Designs

  • Level Up

  • Lunar Loan & Pawn

  • Cyberbar

  • Plasmakart

  • Ammunation

  • Trucking

  • Mining

  • Electrician

  • Construction

  • Diving

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Minigolf

  • Racetrack

  • Fishing

  • Lumberjack

  • Casino
    Have your own gang? Want to join an established gang? In NRP your abilities are endless! Grow your gang from the ground up, or bring a crew along. Start as a rookie and show your dedication to your gang by repping your gear! Gangs can be through RP, or additional items can be added via donation - like clothing, gang cars, chains, etc!


Are you a streamer? Are you interested in streaming GTA RP? Are you wanting to start streaming, but unsure if you’ll get any viewers? We have many streamers in our community that we love and support and show our appreciation for! If you’d like to start streaming GTA RP in NRP - Join us today!


  • Active and Caring Staff
  • Community Driven
  • Realistic Economy
  • QB - Framework
  • Over 700 add-on cars
  • 22,000 Articles of add-on clothing
  • … and more!

Team Notorious was started in 2018 with a goal in mind to bring individuals to a team and showcase their talent. There is a ton of talent out there but the networking and growing can be difficult. Team Notorious’ plan is to grow a community of content creators and assist them with tools and support to grow their passions. This has been a long road as our plan is to piece together quality people. In April of 2022, we launched Notorious RP. Notorious RP is a FiveM community that differs from the rest with a goal for quality over quantity and a truly strong community. NRP is now one of the fastest growing communities on the platform and has plenty of content creators getting to showcase their platform within the community. It has helped many streamers reach new personal records and have a community backing to their content. This though, is only the beginning of our goal to help creators around the world reach new heights within the industry. Our plan to grow as a brand, community, and those a part of it will lead to much more including competitive teams and tournaments. Team Notorious currently has a Call of Duty Challengers team that is making headlines! Visit our website for more info!

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Direct server link: Notorious Roleplay 2.0 | Serious RP | Fresh Wipe | Realistic Economy | Gangs | Drugs | Jobs /
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