Noted Issues so far

Environment : Onesync, Canary, 1355

Current as of artifact 4081
Moonshine Jug Pour -
Player 1 equips moonshine jug and begins pouring onto the ground
Player 1 or Player 2 shoots the fire
Only player 1 observes the fire on the ground lit by the gunshot
Player 2 or anyone else does not observe the poured moonshine on fire
(only the player who shoots the poured moonshine sees the fire)
Player 1 does not hear / see animation / see fire of player 2 (which should be yelling / on fire / animating)
Player 1 observes Player 2 die and Player 2 then is pushed to be ‘crispy’ or burned clothing / skin

Moonshine Jug Poured onto burn-able objects dont show for other players
Player 1 pours moonshine on floor and shoots
Player 2 does not observed flames nor observing the flames growing onto the burn-able objects

Lantern being shot
Player 1 holds lantern
Player 2 shoots lantern
Player 1 and 2 can see player on fire / screaming / animation
Player 3+ does not see player on fire / screaming / animation

Throwing weapon / Pick ups not working properly -
Player 1 throws a throwable object
Player 2 + can pick up the item but it only removes from the world - doesn’t place into inventory
Player 1 can pick up their own thrown objects

Horse carriages - /
Player 1 buys a carriage from shop
Player 2 + does not see the horses attached to the carriage (but Player 1 does)

Player not on fire - - Picture shows Player 2 observing Player 1 not on fire (when he actually is for Player 1)
When Player 1 catches himself on fire
Player 2 does not see him on fire

Door states not synced
Player 1 unlocks door and walks through door
Player 2 does not observe player 1 walk through the door nor does the door unlock for Player 2
Player 1 can punch / shoot Player 2 through the door (which Player 2 observes as closed)

Thank you!

Listed issues should be fixed with this (kinda old) commit:

Moonshine Jug Pour, Moonshine Jug Poured onto burn-able objects dont show for other players, Lantern being shot, Throwing weapon / Pick ups not working properly, Player not on fire

The “Door states not synced” issue should be fixed in:

The “Horse carriage” issue is a bit complex and still being investigated.


Hello again, in reply to your latest –

Environment: Onesync, canary, 1355
Tested on artifact 4207 and (recommended) 4162

Still having issues with the above when testing with more than one player.

  • Door states do not show for the additional player (Player 1 walks through the door but Player 2 does not observe the player walking through and then teleports into the room)
  • Catching something on fire is not networked to additional players (Player 1 pours moonshine jug content onto the ground, Player 2 ignites with gunfire and Player 1 does not see it on fire or anything on fire. Player 2 sees the fire though ((I think because he shot it)).

Thank you for your work!

Here’s the code we’re using for doors (I’m dev on same server as ShakeWeight).and does work correctly without OneSync enabled. We were able to resolve this by sending our own event to all players to run the same code when somebody locks/unlocks a door and we keep our own list of door states on the server that gets sent to players when they connect.

if (!API.IsDoorRegisteredWithSystem((uint)doorhash.Hash1))
	Function.Call((CitizenFX.Core.Native.Hash)0xD99229FE93B46286, (int)doorhash.Hash1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0); //_ADD_DOOR_TO_SYSTEM_NEW

if (door.Locked)
	if (API.DoorSystemGetDoorState((uint) doorhash.Hash1) != 1)
    	API.DoorSystemSetDoorState((int) doorhash.Hash1, 1);
	if (API.DoorSystemGetDoorState((uint) doorhash.Hash1) != 0)
		API.DoorSystemSetDoorState((int) doorhash.Hash1, 0);

Fire stuff should be fixed with this commit:

Door states going to be investigated a bit later, since it’s less obvious.


Environment: Onesync, Canary, 1355
Tested on artifact: 4210

Hey Disquse!
We had some time to re-test but still seeing the issue not networking between players.
Attached is a couple quick clip of the issue we are seeing just to be a little more clear of the exact events happening.
I hope this helps and again thanks for putting the time into some of our issues as we know you are very busy!

Doors was broken because of missing array handlers code. Probably going to be fixed soon unless we find some :bug:s!

Those doors are closed by the left window client and the right window client can’t open it, just as intended!


Nice! Thank you for continuing to plug along with this with everything else you’ve got going on. I know this shit isn’t easy but will benefit so many people and I think bring RedM in front of a lot more people and take off big time.

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Should be fixed on canary now.


Door system natives will be fixed after this PR merge.

Beware that array handlers support is experimental even in FiveM. For now it only sync state for players in scope and doesn’t sync it for players that was outside this scope. You still will need to implement some logic on server to sync states to everyone. As far as I know somebody from the dev team was working on a fix for this logic.

For some reason when creating an explosion with AddExplosion it only shows up on my screen and not other peoples screen

I cannot join any of the servers at all, is there something I’m missing here?

Primarily that this isn’t a support thread and many are using OneSync and connecting to servers just fine. Read the forum rules and ask for support in the proper category or on the Discord in the right support channel.