Not the best.

Let me start out by saying, this server is awful. However, the longer you play on it the more you notice everything. I created this account after playing on the server two weeks. Had I known Id have write one would have sooner. During this time I have noticed the following:

  1. The admins are always right
  2. LEOs will often magically appear to an event
  3. If you are privately conducting RP and an admin hears something they deem…key words there they deem offensive you will be banned. Legit, if you’re RPing with someone and use era related dialogue which may be not PC today you will be temp banned. How crazy is that? I didnt know the wild west was a safe place. This happened in Valentine. I was listening into the goings on.
  4. Server owner caters to those who pay to play. I get it, I would have liked to get to the point where I felt comfortable to do that but not after witnessing how this thing actually operates.
  5. Certain female admins hold grudges and if they see you will hound you to the point where they push you to react and once again…banned. This also happened in Valentine out front of the gunsmith.
  6. The biggest set back however is the constant server restarts and glitches. Animals will stay frozen in place and cant be killed or you do end up shooting a living animal and after its dead it instantly vanishes.
  7. Police will arrest you for the strangest thing and claim they gave you a lawful order and charge you crazy fines. My friend had been charged something like 600 in fines after being online for like 20 minutes. He was walking down the street and a cop told him to stop guess he was out of the voice range and got tied up and carried to jail. He asked what was going on and then locked up.
  8. Ive never seen a server before where you pay rent to own and keep a home. (Not a big deal but when you can pay real money to buy in game currency) this ties in with the expensive fines. You want to keep your home best pay real money last minute to keep it after being up in debt.
  9. Real RP is only to be found with maybe 20% of the server.

Key take-away here is admin abuse though.

There are more but its late.

The most fun on the server was in Blackwater when a random brawl broke out and the cops let it happen. Consenual violence to break up the day to day. Then the doctor had to come and heal like 7 of us. There are fun people that dont take it seriously though.

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