🏛️Northland Roleplay - Looking for Staff - Police - Fire - Medical | Hundreds of Custom Vehicles & MLO's | discord.gg/northlandrp

| Northland Roleplay Opening Announcement |

While we may be a new server, we have a lot to offer. Listed below are just a glimpse of what we can provide, and we would love to have you join our discord to learn more!

*Discord Invite: Northland Roleplay

| About Northland |
Northland Roleplay is a FiveM Economy Server that strives to provide people with an enjoyable experience, and somewhere they can come to relax and have a good time. We are looking for chill people that would like to hang out, and have a good experience in a community they can call home. Right now we are open to beta testers, and when we release we will be public for the first few months. After the first few months of us being open, we aim to go whitelisted.

| Current Stage |
We released and accepting everyone!

| Law Enforcement Positions Available |

State Police:

  • State Police Lieutenant
  • State Police Sergeant
  • State Police Corporal (No Experience Required)
  • State Police Officer (No Experience Required)

Sheriff’s Office

  • Sheriff’s Captain
  • Sheriff’s Lieutenant
  • Sheriff’s Sergeant
  • Sheriff’s Corporal (No Experience Required)
  • Sheriff’s Senior Deputy (No Experience Required)
  • Sheriff’s Deputy (No Experience Required)

| Community Management Positions Available |

  • Senior Moderator

  • Moderator

  • Trial Moderator

  • Support Team Member (Discord Activity Required)

  • Media Team Manager

  • Media Team Member

  • Gang Manager

| Looking for Content Creators |
We will provide benefits to those seeking a content creator position, we currently are looking for people to assist with the following platforms.

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook

| Gang’s & Organizations |
We currently have two player-owned businesses, and two gangs within our server. We are looking to grow this by three more player-owned businesses, and four more gangs. If you are interested in creating one, please feel free to join our discord, and create a ticket to show interest.

| What we Offer |

  • Custom EUP
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Over 200 Realistic Vehicles
  • Supercars & Drift Cars for Car Meets
  • Dozens of MLO’s (Car Meet Locations, Player Owned Business, Gang Hideouts, and many more)
  • Two Realistic LEO Departments
  • Realistic Fire Department & Medical
  • Private Medical Service
  • Four Experienced Developers Constantly Adding New Content

We are constantly adding new content, and fixing bugs. As we are just starting up it’s a great time to join and get in on the ground floor!
If you have any questions please feel free to message me on Discord @PokiexD

Discord Invite: Discord

We’ve officially opened our server to beta testers and updated all information.
We also just released 2 huge patch notes that include a lot of cool MLOs, Scripts, and other content. We also released a teaser trailer to the server!

We hope to see you join us!

New Teaser Video! We recently added a lot of new stuff, and we are continuing to add to our vehicle collection. Feel free to take part, and join our discord to take part in the beta program. This program will be very rewarding once the server is fully released, and it takes little to no effort to become a tester.

We’ve created another video that showcases a tiny amount of the State Police and were hoping to expand upon this video in the future. If you have any knowledge of media creation we would love to have you on our team.

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If you would like to pursue a position within our community, please feel free to join up, and create a ticket. I’ll do my best to find a position that would work good for you!

Were looking for a few more businesses/gangs. If you are interested and have experience in either, please feel free to join and create a ticket.

State Police within Northland is currently hiring for the following positions:

  • State Police Lieutenant | Experience Required
  • Administrative Secretary | Knowledgable in documents
  • State Police Sergeant | Experience Required
  • State Police Corporal
  • State Police Officer II
  • State Police Officer I
  • State Police Cadet

Please reach out if you have any questions!

Were also looking for members to join our Support Team and Staff Team. If you have any experience or time to help with the server, please feel free to join and we will get you situated!

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Hope you’re having a great day!

New positions within Staff & Departments have opened. Find them in the original Message :slight_smile:

Still looking to fill positions! Join while they are available.

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is Hiring!

:camera_flash: - San Andreas First Responders on Rollover

Hello everyone, :wave:

We are two weeks until full release and are looking for beta testers. The way to get beta tester is to join our discord and create a ticket. From there we might ask you one or two questions about your experience, and then you will get the role. This role will give you access to join the server, and from the release date you will have VIP for a few weeks to a month, depending on how much you test. After release, you will also keep the “beta fish” role forever, and you will be offered higher starting positions within our departments and staff. If you are interested in joining us please join our discord, and give us a chance.

Thank you,
Pokie - Founder of Northland Roleplay

New Burgershot Location! :hamburger:

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Thank you! :heart:

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:wrench: New Underground car show location! :oncoming_automobile: