🏔 North Eastern Role-Play | 16+ | Whitelisted | Serious Roleplay | EUP | 150+ Custom Vehicle | 50+ Custom MLO Interiors | Police, Fire & EMS, & Civilian Recruiting!


The North Eastern Role-Play Community is a FiveM roleplaying server dedicated to providing a place of quality, realistic and fun roleplay. We opened in November of 2021, and have been proudly growing since! We strive to strike the balance between realistic roleplay, and fun roleplay, meaning, our roleplay is both within the realm of realism and brings something that is unique and creative to the FiveM platform. At the same time, we are also a community-centered community. We strive to ensure that everyone has the best possible time within the community. To that point, we are always open to feedback, suggestions, and differing opinions from our community.


Currently we offer three (3) divisions within the community:


  • High quality Law Enforcement roleplay;
  • Custom, and unique vehicle designs;
  • Custom and unique uniforms for each department;
  • Customized and realistic CAD/MDT system;
  • Unique station map mods;
  • Traditional and unique subdivisions.


  • Balances high quality Fire & EMS roleplay with a straight-forward and simplified approach that is easy to learn;
  • Custom and unique vehicle designs;
  • Custom and unique uniforms;
  • Hospital-based ambulances (Coming Soon);
  • Customized and realistic CAD/MDT system;
  • Unique station map mods;


  • Relaxed vehicle and weapons structures;
  • Balanced priority guidelines to ensure realistic, fun, and creative scenarios;
  • Easy-to-use CAD system;
  • Ability to create custom businesses for yourself and other members;
  • Over 50 custom interiors around the map for roleplay;
  • Over 120 custom IRL and lore-friendly addon vehicles.



  • Friendly, respectful, and helpful staff.
  • Member feedback actually affects policy.
  • Each department is unique, and are informed by real life policies and practices.
  • Serious, but fun, RP.
  • Open media policy.


  • Over 50 custom interiors, specially tested to ensure they do not create lag or frame-dropping.
  • Over 150 custom vehicles, for all to use.
  • Over 50 custom scripts, optimized to ensure a realistic roleplaying environment for all.
  • Development is performed often to ensure the best possible in-game experience for all.


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  • 16 Years Old (exceptions possible for applicants 15 years of age who demonstrate adequate professionalism and maturity).


  • NONE (we welcome all, be this your first roleplay community, or your 50th).


  • Applicants must have access to a PC capable of running FiveM, Discord, and TeamSpeak3.
  • Applicants must have a microphone which produces reasonably clear audio.


  • Join the Recruitment Discord.
  • Fill out our Application Form.
  • If accepted, go through the Interview Process.



Last night, the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office conducted a R.I.D.E. checkpoint to combat increased drunk driving during the holiday season. Don’t drink and drive! Arrive alive!

To experience NERP for yourself, join now!

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A calm night in Los Santos County, rare enough these days. Whether you want to maintain the peace, or make the Los Santos nightlife a little more interesting; even if you just want to patch up people when the night turns crazy, join us now!

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The Los Santos County EMS department just got a new toy! Ain’t she a beauty? If you want to try her out, join now!

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Medic1 responding to a MVA with injuries.

To experience NERP for yourself, join now!

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DUI checkpoint conducted in the Sandy Shores community this evening, keeping the citizens safe.

Join a fast paced & ever growing FiveM community today!

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Old reliable, nothing runs like a Vic!

If you want to try her out, join now !

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Showing off some of our CIV cars that’s been added in our newest server update!

Join a fast paced & ever growing FiveM community today!

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Chief Carrol relaxing at the newly renovated Paleto Bay fire station, catching up on some episodes of his favorite TV show between calls.

Want to check out Paleto, or some of the other amazing map mods that we have in the server? Join NERP today!

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San Andreas State Trooper’s are famous for running radar out of Paleto Bay! Got to fill out those quotas! Generate that revenue!

Will you join the State Police, or will you try to evade their all-seeing radar? Join NERP now!

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Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office and San Andreas State Police on scene of an individual shot in a drive-by shooting in the City of Los Santos. The victim coded before EMS could arrive, and a deputy began CPR. Unfortunately, the victim died from his injuries shortly after being transported to Central Los Santos Medical Center.

To learn more about this tragic act of violence, or to prevent similar events from occurring again, join NERP now!

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The San Andreas State Police book a suspect in connection with multiple stolen vehicles and felony eluding of police. Unluckily for them, she maintained her rights to counsel, and to remain silent.

Think you would be able to get her to talk, or maybe you’d eventually end up in her position? Join NERP now!

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San Andreas State Trooper’s caught another traffic stop trying to hit that quotas!

Will you join the State Police, or will you try to evade their all-seeing radar? Join NERP now

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LSSO and SASP on a traffic stop with a suspect from a burglary at the Fly Wheel’s Garage.

join NERP now !

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A quick video of some Fire & EMS Department roleplay. If you’re interested by this content, or the community, everyone is welcome to join!

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Out for a snowmobile on one of the last days of Winter! Always good to see the beauty of San Andreas, and to feel the brisk winds on our faces.

If you want to embrace the natural landscape of San Andreas, as well as experience our custom vehicles and locations, Join NERP today !

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Last night, the Los Santos County Fire & EMS Department responded to reports of a structure fire in the Senora Desert. Engine 75 and Squad 75 responded as first-due, and reported a confirmed residential fire that had fully engulphed the building. They began suppression efforts, and Chief Carrol responded to the scene to assume Incident Command. The fire was successfully brought under control, and all occupants escaped safely prior to LS-FEMS’ arrival on scene.

If you would start the fire, or help to put it out, there’s plenty to do in North Eastern Roleplay. Join us now!

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An angry customer at the 24/7 in Sandy Shores! After being caught attempting to steal a melon, Mr. Johnson broke down the glass door, and pulled a knife on the clerk. Witnesses within the store called 9-1-1, and a Trooper from the San Andreas State Police was dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, Mr. Johnson was taken into custody. When questioned about his actions, he stated that he became enraged because the clerk wouldn’t let him take the melon.

What about you? Do you sympathize with Mr. Johnson, or would you rather be the cop that responded? Or maybe you would want to be the paramedic that patches up the clerk? For all of that, and more, join NERP today!

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Are you a fan of the all blue? Or maybe the red and blue? Perhaps even the all red? Or… you could just like no lights at all. Regardless, we’ve got a department for you! All departments are hiring! You can be a cop, a firefighter/EMT, or you could be a civilian bringing everyone together; we provide options for all. Join a community that places an emphasis on serious roleplay while still maintaining a community-based atmosphere! Join NERP today!

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A nice look at the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office Air Support Unit! Its mission is to enhance the productivity of Law Enforcement, in patrol and special operations, and to help protect the citizens of San Andreas from the skies above.

Want to join our amazing band of Air Support Officers? Join NERP now!

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