Nopixel 4.0 Store - March Content Update

yep it’s very broken for us, 0 response in tickets been waiting 3 days, and wasting days of our subscription with not a single word from the devs here, do not recommend at this stage.

Anyone have the coords for the secret room in the sewers?

This road surface is very poor. I am using the pure end without adding any maps. How can I solve it

I have resolved the deletion
dt1_rd1_r1_21 28 19 13 018

what do you mean ?

this is a Mega W

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@little_Rosey1 at least ur able to be in the city unlike me :frowning_face:

You have a folder called replace_these_if_not_using_roads. You have to put the files in /stream/models/vanilla if you use the vanilla version

We’ve done that and our roads are still all broken, 6 days without a reply in ticket lol
Don’t bother with their support tickets it’s non existent.

That’s strange, it works perfectly for me

Check the readme’s. You have to replace the nightclubs.lua in bob74_ipl for the memorial park. Also, if using nopixel4_3dp_la_construction there are two ipl ymaps that I had to open in codewalker to remove the posters, camera’s, and keypads.

nopixel4_3dp_la_construction > stream > vanilla > ipl:

  • ba_mpbattleipl_long_0.ymap
  • ba_mpbattleipl_strm_0.ymap


  • ba_dt1_18_graffiti @
  • ba_prop_club_dressing_posters_01 @
  • ba_prop_club_dressing_posters_02 @
  • prop_ld_keypad_01 @
  • ba_prop_battle_cctv_cam_01a @
  • ba_prop_battle_cctv_cam_01b @

Basically, search these at the ‘x’ position and remove them from the consruction ipl ymaps.