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Amazing work. Great prices. ]

Having issues with roads for some reason. Using vanilla nopixel package. I remove the lights and lod lights folder already, which fixed the blurry buildings

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Can i ask that in Vehicle Pack have Roll Royce Cullinan ( NPCUL )

Not sure if this helps or not but had the same crash as you, it depends on the order you ensure the files. Here’s what I did (and this is what Nopixel’s support team wrote in their FAQ so not gonna steal all credit):

1st. All non-NP MLOs and world items
2nd. nopixel_visuals
3rd. all NP MLOs and world items (including vehicles and such).

This worked for me and my community so I hope this helps!

Speaking of credit, that copy paste on their faq actually came from me after 24 hours of debugging the scripts. Lol. If you crash and also have cfx-gabz-scenarios. Disable it and try. The order is extremely important too.

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We have some problem when we use vegetation pack, with some addon weapon like this (when we stop ‘nopixel4_vegetation’ all work ). someone know why ?

Nice day.

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nice animation lmao

Is there away to flat out purchase these and not have a subscription? I see people committing about prices, not sure if they are aware that they are all subscriptions. :sweat_smile: not all of us can afford to pay hundreds of dollars every single month to run a server, but have the ability to save up towards purchasing.


i tried this and still getting crashes

having crashing issues and visual missing , with visual pack both vanilla and np.

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(post deleted by author)

Police vehicle’s emergency lights don’t activate

i have cars and graphics pack ( vanilla visuals )

they work for the default police vehicles but not the nopixel ones


nopixel_visuals will sometimes cause clients to crash with “RAGE error: ERR_SYS_FILELOAD”

but its odd because i reupload the files and the problem goes away

but eventually it will come back out of nowhere and i will replace the files again


i made a ticket on the discord and they just say “we didnt have that issue” and closed the ticket with no further advice.

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Anyone having or had car issues with the car pack with some of the cars not moving? I put in a few tickets and the response I got was a video of the cars that I mention to them working in the test server they have, and a message that say it works. Just really trying to reach out, do some research and see if anyone else is having this issue?

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First of all, I want to point out what a disaster this is.

Let’s start off with the “expected monthly updates.” To date, these have been non-existent. Since it was published three months ago, there has been only one change pushed, which pertained to some vehicle handling. I would suggest checking out the changelog, but there isn’t one available.

Other keynotes include:

  • 10 add-on Sports/Service/Utility vehicles: What are these 10 add-on vehicles? I counted only four that worked.
  • 6 Police/Sheriff add-ons: While there are six listed, there are no Sheriff vehicles or liveries available. Additionally, there isn’t a vehicle template provided, making it difficult to add your own livery, especially since only a default police livery is available.
  • 22 misc vehicles: What are these miscellaneous add-on vehicles? There are 20 other vehicles listed on the website, but none of them function correctly; they either don’t spawn, have light issues, or suffer from texture bugs.

70+ vanilla vehicles
This section boasts 72 vehicles and three trailers, and it is the only decent part of the pack, as it’s the only part that works as advertised.

Add-On Vehicles
Out of the 29 listed in the Add-On section (R300c, Stanier2, Torrence, Flatbedm2) and the six Police cars (Polbuffalo4, Polcaracara, Polcoquette, Polpenumbra, Polscout2, Polvstr), only nine actually function.

It lacks support, and if you reach out to them via Discord, you’re simply told they are aware of the issues. The vehicles listed in the add-on section are still a work in progress. It’s unclear why they would advertise this as a feature if it’s still in development. It’s been over a month since I brought it up, and looking over this post, it’s been over two months since other users have raised these concerns.


It is VERY good and high quality, the fact that there is a few bugs and issues and the support cant reply in +3 days is very absurd if you keep in mind that you pay monthly for these resources, absolutely not recommended

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Does anyone know how to fix this?

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you need to start all thing that you stream before nopixel4_vegetation