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Hey @ikt,

I’ve half managed to get this working.

I can use the mod with all its functions as long as I’m using a motorbike - the settings in the ini work perfectly; simplebike, the various clutch/stalling options (i haven’t tested damage).

But the second I step into a car, the game crashes out without an error.

I (obviously) have:
Gears.ini (with CrossScript=0) in the GTAV dir
Gears.asi in fivereborn/plugins

I’ve removed all the extra mods I had in so that there was just EnhancedReborn2.asi and Gears.asi

This happens in both GTA V (if I install it there) and FiveReborn.

I don’t know what to do at this point.

Any ideas?


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Well now THAT’s odd. Could you post the contents of Gears.log?

Also, does it happen on a Quad? What game version do you have? If it crashes on a quad too I probably know where the problem is.

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[14:02:55.176] VER_1_0_393_2_NOSTEAM
[14:02:55.176] Script loaded
[14:04:49.023] Initializing steering wheel
[14:04:49.035] No wheel detected
[14:04:49.035] Settings read

This is the log from opening FiveReborn, joining a server, spawning a car, and trying to enter.

A quadbike also crashes the game.

[14:05:56.969] VER_1_0_393_2_NOSTEAM
[14:05:56.969] Script loaded
[14:06:48.519] Initializing steering wheel
[14:06:48.532] No wheel detected
[14:06:48.532] Settings read

The interesting thing is that suddenly, with no changes but time, the steam version seems to be working perfectly fine.

Ah, build 393. I’ll need to look into that if I still have it laying around. The offsets for the wheel/suspension compression might be wrong for that version. Can’t you use your Steam version for FiveReborn for the while?

Alternatively go through my code to see what I’m trying to access with GetWheelsCompression and fix the offsets yourself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m not even sure where to get that build of V.

How do I do that?

I pointed my FiveReborn at GTAV steam when I set it up and that happened

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Works perfectly now! Thanks <3

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I don’t see a Gears.log file in my folder. The game only runs when I remove “.asi”


I’ve also experienced the crash when getting in a car when using this mod. I’ve tried using your updated files from the AppVeyor Artifacts, but then I get a popup saying “CitizenFX Fatal Error” “Failed to load Gears.asi” and I’m unable to start the game.

Try disabling CrossScript.

Is there any way to get the Custom Steering to work with FiveM?

You can contact the author on GTA5-Mods.com or on GTAForums.

Update - As of 4.2.0, there’ll be no FiveM support any more until further notice.

I don’t get it, how do we install it for FiveM?

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ManualTransmission folder goes in main GTA V root folder
Gears.asi goes into FiveM/plugins

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Thank you very much.

I love you! Thanks so much!!!

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I turned off the crossplugin in settings_general.ini yet I still crashed on FiveM with “gears.asi+153.B1” as the error. Is this still working with FiveM?

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