[Non ELS] Tow Services Pack (Flatbed and Wrecker) FIVEM Ready

Hello Everyone,

Today I bring to you the first pack of this large request that was sent my way by my Buddy.

He has agreed to allow the release of these vehicles for the GTA Community to enjoy.

I present to you a mini tow vehicle Vehicle pack. Pack features:

Vehicles within the Pack:

2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 Chassis Truck for Wrecker/Tow Truck
2020 Chevy Silverado 3500 Chassis Truck for Flatbed Rolloff Truck

Common Questions:

  1. Will you be adding to this pack?
  • No I will not be. This was created for a friend and he has agreed to release it to the gta community. My work is done here 🙂
  1. Will you make an ELS Version?
  • No Reference Question #1 Answer
  1. May I use this in my FiveM Community?
  • Yes Go right ahead and use it
  1. May I change the Liveries?
  • Yes that is why the Templates are provided
  1. Will you be fixing any issues/broken things?
  • Maybe. Depends honestly how I feel about doing it if I have time (My time is very limited)
  1. May I reupload this with my liveries?
  • No You may not. Upload your liveries/ytd file and link to this file download.

Download Link:


Nice release thank you.

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Nice trucks, but confused by your response if we can add our own liverys or not, you say no but include the template to make them lol

Sure about that?

The templates should be within the file. If not let me know and I’ll add them

You can add your own liveries and upload your releases of them. What I’m saying is that please do not re upload the yft files with your release.

Please upload your YTD only and link the models they go to here.

Amazing work as always Thero.

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