[Non ELS] 2021 Dodge Durango [Red & Blue]

This is my 2021 Dodge Durango, which includes a livery for State Police.

  • 8 Extras
  • Moveable Spotlight
  • Interior Details
  • Drag and drop install
  • Template included
  • Handling included

Installation Instructions
Place the rbdur21 folder into your resource folder
Put start rbdur21 into your resource.cfg file
Restart your server and off you go

Highly recommend using this with Luxart vehicle control

Any issues, leave a comment, dm me or use the information provided in the link below.

Purchase the car from here

Part of a pack:
2014 Charger
2018 Charger
2011 Crown Vic
2021 Explorer


That’ll teach me for following the format of my other release
Thanks! All fixed