[NON-ELS] 2017 Slicktop Dodge Charger | FiveM Ready|Template| +Civ Model

Hello all,
I made my release date stamp. I wanted to get this out to all of you just before the 4th / weekend of the 4th. Happy Independence Day fellow Americans! A DUI Unit awaits you! Ever had that moment, flying down the highway debating if a cop is in front of you? Well, now all GTA Citizens feel your pain.
[NON-ELS] 2017 Slicktop Dodge Charger | FiveM Ready | Template | +Civ Model Included!
2017 Retired Dodge Charger w/ Taxi Topper and more!
Where to find : https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/23574-non-els-2017-slicktop-dodge-charger-fivem-readytemplate-civ-model/?tab=comments#comment-210096

“Yeah, Yeah, what garbage did you release us this time Blaster?”:
What I have made for you all is a Red, White and Blue, light themed vehicle. But not just any vehicle, A DUI Taxi. I know, I know, A taxi. I have included a civillian version as well to star as a “Retired” Dodge charger Turned Taxi. Both vehicles have extras allowing you to go completely unmarked or Suited up like a police vehicle. The Police “Taxi” is equipped with PLENTY of lights including DRLs, Micropulse Wide-Angles, Projector Lights, Flashing Taillights, Whelen Ions, Whelen XLP Half Visor and Fenix cannons. A HUGE THANKS TO FLOH FOR MAKING THE SKINS LAST MINUTE!! TWO DIFFERENT RESOURCES ARE IN ONE FOLDER!!!
(Please note, it is not my job to help you install it, I assume no responsibility in you breaking your computer / game by using this resource.)

Vehicle parts:

Police “Taxi” Charger
Extra 1: Whelen Lower Edge
Extra 2: Half Visor and Lowerlights
Extra 3: Micropulse Wide-Angles
Extra 4: Working Spotlight
Extra 5: Top antennas
Extra 6: Trunk antennas
Extra 7: Interior Equiptment
Extra 8: Rambar
Extra 9: Taxi Topper

Civillian “Taxi” Charger
Extra 1: Working Spotlight
Extra 2: Top antennas
Extra 3: Trunk antennas
Extra 4: Rambar
Extra 5: Taxi Topper

More Screenshots / Links :


This is pretty cool!

Thanks man!

nice looking pack shame about the taxi/cop car lol

yo i cant find the car anyway u can give me a new link

Hey does anyone still have a link to these cars the current one does not work i would love to have this car on my server

Hi, can you put there a lightrbar?

This is a nice vehicle Good Job keep it up!