No sound in RedM as well in the game


Since latest RedM Update Ver. 6199 there is no sound (only on clicking a button)
**Server artifact version:


**Expected behavior:

Music during loading screen

**Current behavior:

No music at all and also no sound in the game at all

**Extra information:

No matter if I use Stable/Beta or Unstable


Seems that the latest update caused this issue, despite in the changelog 24e0161a saying the issue was resolved when there wasnt one to begin with.


same !!

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An issue for myself since the update and every member in the RedM community that I am part of. Please fix guys :cry:

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yep same here we have no sound in game :cold_face:

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No server is having sound at the moment


In RedM, go to Settings and then Game. There you select Unstable and then you have sound for now.

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sound is back on for some now, before yez3 input

It was fixed.