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Welcome to No Limit RP - An immersive, 16+ Whitelisted, Serious Roleplaying experience on FiveM! No Limit RP

Let your creatively be unleashed with various roles to portray, law enforcement, medical, gang and criminal roleplay is always available to you. Join No Limit RP today and be a part of our extraordinary community, create memories, forge alliances, and unleash your true potential in a world of limitless possibilities.

No Limit RP is a brand new serious roleplay server with custom cars, businesses, jobs and activities and much more.
Looking for a fresh start as a Police Officer? Maybe try your hand at EMS, or join the criminal underbelly and start a gang. Streamer friendly 16+ city with an active staff and dev team. LGBTQ+ friendly, all welcome.

╠════════════ What We Offer ════════════╣
➼〚:heart:〛Beginner Friendly Community
➼〚:blush:〛Experienced and Helpful Staff & Dev Team
➼〚:man_police_officer:〛Serious RP
➼〚:derelict_house: 〛Latest QB Framework
➼〚:white_check_mark: 〛Fully Optimized Scripts
➼〚:red_car: 〛Custom Vehicles (TOS Compliant)
➼〚:speaking_head: 〛Bowling & Arcade
➼〚:house: 〛Custom and Advance Housing
╠════════════ Civilian Jobs ════════════╣
➼〚:construction_worker_man: 〛Custom Construction
➼〚:oil_drum: 〛Custom Oil Rig Job
➼〚:fishing_pole_and_fish: 〛Custom Fishing Job.
➼〚:mailbox_with_mail:〛Postal Job
➼〚:truck:〛Delivery Driver
➼〚:boomerang: 〛Treasure Hunter
➼〚:articulated_lorry: 〛Garbage Collection
➼〚:wood: 〛Lumberjack Job
➼〚:coin: 〛Metal Detecting
╠════════════ Whitelisted Jobs ════════════╣
➼〚:oncoming_police_car:〛Los Santos Police Department
➼〚:ambulance:〛 Emergency Medical Service
➼〚:red_car: 〛LS Motors / VIP Dealership
➼〚:house:〛Real Estate
➼〚:mechanic: 〛Mechanic
➼〚:curry: 〛Player Owned Businesses
╠════════════ Illegal Activities ════════════╣
➼〚:pill: 〛Custom Drugs.
➼〚:test_tube: 〛Drugs Laboratories & Secret Drug Fields For Crafting.
➼〚:smoking: 〛Narco Dealer / Seller
➼〚:ninja:〛Bank Heist, Store Robberies, ATM Robberies, Custom Heists.
➼〚:man_walking: 〛NPC Robberies
➼〚:pickup_truck: 〛Chop Shop
➼〚:firecracker: 〛Smash 'N Grab
➼〚:shopping: 〛Black Market
╠═════════ What are we looking for ═════════╣
➼〚:speech_balloon:〛New Members.
➼〚:person_in_tuxedo:〛PD & EMS
➼〚:flags: 〛Streamers & Content Creators

Create your own story with no limits, join today be a part of the community.

Hey wassup, i am interested in your server, kindly send me a request on discord

We are currently running a monster giveaway in the city!

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Join the server today and create your new story!