Nightclub Heist [Free]

Nightclub Heist is a free and open-source script for FiveM. Dive into an exciting heist at a brand new Nightclub with newest top tier security systems. Such as lasers, alarms and control panels.


To start the heist head to the Tequilalala and pickup a note on the second floor. This will open the club door access and set a blip

Required dependencies

Optional dependencies

Download here | Github

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements kq_lootareas (Free)
Support Yes

Big Win


Loving it.


Is it possible to set a cooldown for the heist or the amount of police required?

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Yes, the cooldown is already built in. Its the starter respawn time. As for the police, you’d need to add that yourself

getting the error “not enough inventory space” in the top left side of the screen, all items are correct on data base etc. we are using esx legacy original (weight inventory) your smash and grab works fine no issues anything else we can do ?

we have found the issue, which is one item ‘rolled up bills’ etc are giving random various amounts
we have set the weight of this to 0 on the data base and is now working perfect!
thank you @kuz for the help! we really look forward getting more of your scripts very soon!

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