(NG-RP) Next Generation RP (Medium RP, Economy, Active staff, Active Development and more)

Hello there! Thank you for checking out our post!
We are Next Generation RolePlay or NG-RP
We’ve been around since May 2019 and we’re still actively developing and growing!

What you can expect when joining our community:

  • Active development
  • Active staff
  • Whitelisted police (and perhaps more whitelisted jobs to come!)
  • Legal jobs (Wine, Tow trucking, Go-Postal, fishing, and more)
  • Illegal jobs (Chop shop, House Robberies, Banks and more)
  • Drugs! Cocaine, weed, Cooking Stores
  • Economy server (No menus)
  • Burglaries, mugging,…
  • Businesses (Shops, Gas Stations with interactive stock missions)
  • Custom vehicles (Limited edition vehicles)
  • Boats
  • Tattoos
  • Nightclub
  • Houses/motels/properties
  • So much more!

Development is always going and we frequently release new updates and take on suggestions to give our players and our community a better experience. <3

You can come check us out by searching NG-RP in the server list, or direct connecting with

Join our discord https://discord.gg/KMByDbB


love the staff there! cool people

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Really enjoying the server, Good content and staff!

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Sweet, looking forward to seeing you all on the server! Will be joining shortly :slight_smile:

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Great server, easy to get into and fun to play for hours on end. Almost makes me feel like I’m a druglord irl. Good stuff!

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Been playing for a week now, great RP server, the staff are awesome too!

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We are also hiring new staff and police!

Decent server, actively being worked on/updated by the devs, and the staff is staying on top of things! Highly recommend for both newcomers and people that have been in the scene for some time now.

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Very good server, have had many good times here. Would recommend for sure.



Great server, constantly expanding and updating with new content. Unique scripts, realistic based economy with player run businesses.

LE Hunt’n’Seek

Start time: Tomorrow (9/5/21)

Start Location:New Underground Legion car park

Event Info:
Enter the city and head down to the new underground Legion car park, You’ll be shown the two limited edition vehicles that you’ll be hunting.The two cars will then be drove off and hidden around the map.
Once instructed you can leave the car park and start hunting for the vehicles.The first person to find and get into the car wins.

With less than 3 hours till the event here’s a little more info.

Connect to the server a few minutes before the event starts to make sure you have the most recent server patch.
Police will be present, If you’re seen doing something illegal you will be arrested, No excuses.
Please keep robbing and killing down to a minimum.
The bigger the turn out the better the prizes!