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Nexus City RP

Nexus City is an American-styled roleplay server, aiming to provide the best roleplay possible. Currently, we have a small staff team and I am looking to expand the team ASAP in order for me to focus on development.

In the beginning, we are having the following factions for launch & open positions:

  • Nexus City Police Department - Department Leads, Command Staff and Officers/ Recruits
  • Nexus City Sheriff’s Office - Department Leads, Command Staff and Officers/ Recruits
  • Nexus City Fire & Rescue - Department Leads, Command Staff, and EMT’s/ Firefighters/ Recruits
  • 2x Criminal Departments [For Rivalry] - Department Leads, Command & Members

Current open staff positions:

  • Management,
  • Administrators,
  • Support

Please note: Our staff structure is different and unique.

The server, to start with, will have the ESX Framework, with imported modifications and models, with few paid and unique content. The server is in very early-stage development, no set release date but hopefully soon - the sooner you join, the more chance you have of your suggested content being added. Development is going to be community-focused.

If you are looking to join and support a new FiveM community, then please join ours here!: Nexus City RP

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im a dev and im making my own server im willing to help u if u want and i can provide allot of scripts but do need to get payed

Sorry, I’m not looking to pay developers at this moment in time.



Hi @Jamie_G

I am interested to be your staff for your server. I have experience in being a staff, and in fact I have my own server that I am taking care of too right now!

Unfortunately I am unable to do much dev work for you as I have minimal experience in being a developer.

We can discuss through Discord, if you are interested. My Discord tag is: hihowslife#5108

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