NexonRP | Custom Framework | Multiple Drugs System | Custom Housing and Furnitures | Playerowned Businesses | Hiring LEO, EMS, Justice Services | Gangs |

Who are we?

NexonRP is a brand new community on FiveM, based on Serious RP realism. We focus on making prices and stuff as realistic as possible for us, with all the knowledge we have, this is within laws, economy, system in how jobs works etc. We try to make it so staff have as minimized intervention as possible! Meaning they wont intervene in corruption, how jobs are run and so on.

A little bit of a showcase

And much more! This was just a small showcase!

Positions open

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Los Santos Medical Services Head
  • Mechanic Head
  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Taxi Chief
  • Multiple non-whitelisted jobs as well!

What can I do?

  • Wanna become a criminal, and lead the whole city? Well this is your opportunity? Wanna be a gang leader? Well prove yourself!
  • Wanna go the legal way? Well prove yourself and rise in the ranks of the police department!
  • Multiple banks and stores to rob
  • Jewelery Store robbery

And much more opportunities! Civilized legal opportunity’s such as Fishing as well!

Server Info
Just be aware the server is currently run in alpha, therefor still undergoing issue fixing etc but it’s playable!

Discord: NexonRP
Server IP:


Changelog #1;

  • Added new and more beautiful police uniforms
  • Fixed a major issue with people not being able to spawn
  • Added Real Life Integration vehicles into vanilla vehicles, so they now look real with real brands
  • Added different positions for armories, boss menu’s etc

What we are needing;

  • Hire more police officers
  • Add newer police vehicles
  • Create a few custom companies

Oh yeah and whitelist added too 16+ years old required


Changelog #2

  • Realistic Cars skin has been added on Vaniilla Vehicles
  • Whitelist has been added to the server 16+
  • A few locations such as cars etc has been switched
  • Mechanic Location has been placed
  • Server has now been open for the public!

Changelog #3:

  • Changed Vehicle Prices
  • Changed Boat Prices
  • Changed how much you earn from selling drugs
  • Added Meth, Coke, Crack and XTC to cornerselling option in the Radial Menu
  • Changed how much you get from bank robbery’s
  • Changed how much you get from Storerobbery’s
  • Swtiched Locations where to pickup coke
  • Switched location of Meth Lab
  • Switched location of Crack and Coke Progression.

Daily Boost