NewHavenRP | 18+ | Serious RP | Storyline-driven | Law & Medical | Drugs & Robberies | Ranching & Farming | AND MORE!

Our server is an English 18+ Roleplay Server based on the RedM framework built by roleplayers, for roleplayers. NewHavenRP is considered to be within active development, as our experienced Development Team is continuously working vigorously on building a custom server for the community to enjoy a unique roleplay experience.

On our server, we strive to provide a unique roleplay experience by offering a Realistic Economy, growing Medical and Law careers, and Native Roleplay. Whether you want to be a Lawman, Doctor, Lawbreaker, or Rancher - We offer a variety of Whitelisted and Non-Whitelisted jobs - or something completely different - the possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Player Customization
  • Realistic Economy
  • 200+ Crafting Recipes
  • Immersive Law / Medical
  • Horse Training
  • Telegram System
  • Adoptable Pets (Including Birds!)
  • Player Housing
  • Bank / Store Robberies
  • Grave Digging
  • Moonshine / Drugs
  • Mining / Fishing / Goldpanning
  • Immersive Farming / Ranching
  • Customizable Guns
  • BlackJack

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