New York State RP | Custom Framework/vMenu Hybrid | Semi-Serious | Discord Whitelist | Server Open!

New York State Roleplay

New York State RP is a new community that is offering a wide variety of New York Based assets for you to enjoy, with the comfort and familiarity of San Andreas.

This community offers experienced staff and departmental command that will ensure you have a positive experience. This community is being classified as Semi-Serious, with all users being encouraged to have some RP behind their actions, but we get it… let’s have fun.

The departments being offered are the following;

  • New York City Police Department,
  • New York State Police, and,
  • New York City Fire Department.

This server comes stock with custom vehicles, MLO, and a variety of custom development being built from the ground up by our experienced team of developers.

Discord Link


Server is now open!


Awesome server! Great roleplay quality. Majority of the faction leaders are from New York.

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Got on here the other night, seems like a decent server, bit new but I suppose that means the only way is up?

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Great server, lots of custom resources and custom framework.

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NYSRP is a small but fast growing server, the rp is amazing and has many amazing people to meet and become friends with, I highly recommend this server for people who enjoy roleplaying!

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