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New Valley Roleplay

We’re the bleeding edge in great RedM roleplay. Come on over to fulfill your dreams in the New Valley.

We are planning a launch of late March to early April of 2022. After successfully assisting in managing other servers, we decided to open our own server to the public. Throughout this project we have vowed to establish that we are pushing serious roleplay. We offer custom scripts, a friendly environment, and we are motivated to excel.

At New Valley - we will always put the members first. We want to provide you with the best experience you can have while enjoying our RedM server. At New Valley, your experience is what you make it. We motivate players to have a positive interaction with one-another, establish a community bond, and promote each others storyline throughout your journey.

If you want to join a fantastic RedM roleplay server that listens to the players, promotes serious roleplay, you don’t have to wait in a long queue or apply for a whitelisted server, then New Valley Roleplay is the place for you to create your story.

Now Hiring

➤ Community Staff
➤ Moderators
BETA TESTERS - We are in immediate need of beta testers for our server. If you are wanting to be a part of something next level when it comes to RedM, don’t miss out!

Please contact me on discord at HV#0001 if interested.

Development Progress

Here is a list of development progress so far:
➤ Stable system with dynamic horse bonding levels and storage
➤ Inventory-based animal skinning system with hundreds of rewards
➤ Banking system with safe storage
➤ Dynamic stash functionality
➤ Right-click menu inventory
➤ Moonshine job
➤ Mining, gold panning & smelting system
➤ Woodcutting system
➤ Doctor job
➤ Lawman job
➤ Horse trainer job
➤ Boat to Guarma
➤ Message board system
➤ Properties system
➤ Player owned gangs
➤ Crafting system
➤ Farming system
➤ Housing system
➤ Hunting dogs
➤ Eagle eye
➤ Custom camps w/ placement anywhere
➤ Blacksmithing job
➤ Gunsmith job (with weapon customization)
➤ Boat ownership
➤ Telegraph system
➤ Player owned shops/companies

…and lots more not mentioned here!

Server Photos

Hope to see you on May 20th, 2022!

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Updates as of 18 March 2022:

  • Website landing page complete
  • Forums post updated
  • Hiring beta testers

Are you wanting to be apart of something big? Join our discord today to find out more.

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In need of server testers, community management, and more! Join today.

If you’re interested in leading a faction, or being a part of our success, join the discord today!

Development has been coming along nicely and we’ve been steadily adding new features to the server to get it ready for launch.

Teasers coming soon, join our Discord to see more!

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we are still actively searching for server testers, staff, and developers!



Opening May 20th, 2022. We are actively beta testing the server to find improvements before release!

We are currently hiring staff members. If interested, apply via New Valley Roleplay | RedM

This County is like one never seen before! You will have to relearn how you play RedM all over again! The county has been 90% Scripted from the ground up, There are a few scripts that everyone will recognize but like I said about 90% of them were all built just for this server! There are custom maps that have been implemented as well that you have never seen before!

Basically, what i’m saying is come check it out and see what you think for yourself!

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Very cool server. Lots of new things which make it standout from the rest in my opinion. Very excited for ranching and launch day so roleplay can begin! :slight_smile:

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Server is opening soon on the 20th of May at 7pm EST!

We have gained over 110 discord members in a little over 4 days! We are expecting to be busy on launch day.

Get in on the action early and join us at!


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the continued support that we are receiving before we launch. In just a matter of days, we’ve gained nearly 200 members! We are so excited to welcome you into a new RedM experience.

We invite you to check it out today. We launch this Friday, May 20th, 2022 at 7PM EST.

This staff team and developers are amazing. Open to suggestions and patient with people. We are a dedicated community of both experienced and new role players trying to find a home for all persons to have fun and relax. Join the discord and come experience life in New Valley.

:slight_smile: We have launched!

Still going strong! bumped player count to 110! Come RP with us!

Player count bumped to 140!