New update just broke the game

Game was working fine, updated and now it has this error… Happened literally right now.
Multiple people same problem.

Hi, same problem on my own server.

Any solution?

its a bug report… it literally just updated. Ask fiveM

Hello. Me too i have this problem

Man, how do you push a 9MB update and break an ENTIRE game. These fools need to get their Russian back in order…

Was this the Server update or is there a new client update today?

Happened to me as well. Please get this crap fixed. If you update the game then you cant join any server

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i have the same problem here

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Hello, Same for me too :confused:

I have found a solution, just remove es_turfwars.


Weird why would a script cause the entire game to crash lol especially with that kind of error

I don’t know why but it’s work for me

we just tried it, dont work

Any luck guys like wtf one client update breaks everything it was already bad enough that we lost half of the natives and can’t even turn off god mode

Same thing for me.
Let’s wait for the correction.
Let’s be patient

It’s long… they could just rollback in the meantime -.-’

I disabled turfs and it loaded on my second server haven’t been able to test what’s broken tho

Can you try with hipster map?

What CPU do you guys have? Current theory is that servers with a lot of resources crash on systems with 6 cores or above.

7700k Quad Core with HT 5ghz, my server has dual x5670s

Been fine lately