New upcoming server ( DODRP)

What we are looking for
Here at DODRP we are looking for dedicated roleplay that is active and interested in IRL law enforcement, Even if you aren’t interested in IRL law enforcement head over, We are looking for people who want to run departments and show off their skills.

My name is Tyler I am one of the head administrators, We are looking for a SAHP commissioner, SAFR Chief, FTO Director and a Sheriff. Please contact me VIA discord Big_Bacon#3487 If you’re interested.

We will ask you to create documentation for the department you wish to be apart of and put all links on one document, On this document links need to be named and there should be at least a 100 word to 200-word paragraph on why you would like to run said department.

The entirety of Head Administration will then review this document and judge whether or not you are ready for this position.

Please make sure on the documentation you list vital information and at the bottom of the last page please add your contact information: Email, Discord etc

Thanks to those who have read this far, We have just started making the documentation for the server and are waiting for the server to be made (FiveM server), This is a Public server for now so please put in the effort.