[NEW] Up Coming Server Looking for Staff Devs and Department COC Soon To Open!!

Hi my name is Reed I am the creator of the new upcoming server UNRP United Role Play ** Here at UNRP To be released sometime this week we are a vMenu Family based server Dojrp style and much more unique type of server we are in the early phase and are asking help from anyone who is able to provide some help we are planning to be fully up by next week we are looking for the following.

Staff Members NO APP NEEDEDF JUST An INTERVIEW* Needed #6 or more
Fire ChiefNO APP NEEDED JUST An INTERVIEW** must have docs Needed #1
DEVS NO APP NEEDED JUST A INTERVIEW Must show proof of work Needed #2 or #3

About US We are Allow Listed And vMenu and A simple unique server Trying to Have some fun and a relaxed but serious style of RP

we cannot wait to see you just join the discord and will get you set up United Role Play®

New link