New UI For Luxart Vehicle Control 3 - TouchMaster Delta

Hello, see my first ui for this script maybe another coming

Inspirated of The Fed Signal - TouchMaster Delta

Preview : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Download (Free) :

Need of LVC 3 to work : GitHub - TrevorBarns/luxart-vehicle-control: A siren / emergency lights controller for FiveM.


wow really nice work man thank you for free release

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Your hot bc of this.

Thanks !

I’ll do some more advanced, and some custom order are possible too !

oooh thank you

We have lvc3 but for some reason, images will not show up at all. image

Look the readMe… and put the right thing in your fxmanifest

Oh my god, I feel stupid. Thanks!

I did all this stuff in the readme including all this fxmanifest thing but the UI still looks like that. I already tried to clear my cache but it didn’t change anything :confused:

I am using the latest lvc version

Edit: just took a look at the client console and found this: