New To The GTA 5 World


I am sorry to be a bug, but I am rather new to the GTA 5 world and I have been watching tons of YouTubers play GTA 5 police mod especially bay area Buggs and them and I wanted to see If I am able to do that as well? I am a streamer on Youtube and If I can’t do it it’s cool but I still like to play on this server if I am able.

Also, I have to ask I have the GTA 5 game on steam and it did work on my PC but I can’t get it to work now. When I click to launch it, the game never appears. Any ideas?


Donald C.

Just FYI this will probably get moved to introductions… but besides that!

Yes, GTA V is alot of fun to play and roleplay as Buggs and his group do in their videos.

If you are interested in being part of a roleplay group like that, some of which are streamers/youtubers as well. Please check us out. We are Las Santos County Department of Public Safety. We originally started in GTA IV and are now on GTA V with a Five Reborn Server. is our website. Feel free to check it out.

As far as your getting GTA V to ruin thing my first question would be is it a legit copy? and are you running it through steam? if so i would verify game cache and/or do a fresh install as that is what is required for FiveReborn install anyways. Let me know if i can help you more or if you need any more information about my group.


Hi. Killerik,

I gotten a hold of you a while back and finally getting back online. Is your group still open?

Donald C