New to rp

Hello everyone! I am very new to rp and would love to join a friendly community, that will help me learn and be better at role-playing all suggestions will be looked at.


NCSRP Is a welcoming community to new comers, i’m willing to take time to help you out with anything you need! You can check us out in discord at or TeamSpeak which i am in right If you have any other questions feel free to reply on here and ill get back to ya!

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Thanks for letting me know about NCSRP, I will definitely have a look could you tell me more about this community?

Come join us at SALRP

You can check us out, we have about 50 members now and we do daily patrols
Below you can find all the information you need to know about our server.

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still looking for one? Come on discord for a chat

@PlumpDaddy Be sure to check us out at ExistenceRP, we are a realistic RP server that is run by someone who is currently whitelisted on the family rp. We are striving to get some active players on the server as we are a relatively small community looking to expand. Please feel free to join our discord and see what you think!

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the best thing to do is to just join some random servers in the list and try them out as these guys will typically tell you anything to join there servers.

Do some server hoping.

Sup, at the moment I’m building a completely new community. You could grow with the community, learn to Roleplay. Greetings

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Hello Bud im running a friendly community with wonderful admin who will help you its whitelisted so no trolls and also just have a lot of fun and realistic roleplay!
we are a new roleplay server
we have cad custom cars and alot of jobs

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@Painwithin Not really, we all are looking to expand our communities and If we did ‘say anything’ to get people to join, it wouldn’t be accurate to what we do in our communities…

we would be happy to have you. we do not have a dual clanning policy nor do we have many rules. come talk to us anytime!!!

at least that what most people would want people to think :wink:

there lots that claim there adverts are accurate until you check it out and realize it really isnt all that accurate, im just saying… the best thing to do is to actually server hop and try, these sort of topics are just places for people to spam there servers.

I don’t even know how to get into a game I need help

feel free to give us a look

Hey bud,

Plumpdaddy, check us out at we work with ya and help you set everything up plus we a community of both inexperienced and experienced in rp. We have the time and patience to help and would love to have ya in our community…

Hop on discord and someone will get in contact with ya.

EMT2215#3976 Discord

Check out San Andreas Justice!
We are looking for new members and would love to be your first community!


Come join us.