New to FiveReborn

OK so i am new to this and would like to guidance.

Is there a specific main server that has a full or established community base? If yes what is it?

To become a Police Officer or what not is there application process per server? How are they chosen?

Is there anything else that i should know before i start playing.

Thanks for all the feedback and information.


There is no “main server”

You should ask the server owners this

Not really.

Thanks for the quick reply.

There are many established communities. Just have to find the right one for you, in my experience I’ve noted that many require a proper application.

Oh cool so i guess by invite Only. It would be awesome to have like a huge 200+ or more base server.

Is there anything else that i should know before i start playing?


What that? Where do i get it? Sorry for being such a nub just want to get most info as i can before i buy the game. I have it for PS4 but would love to try to RP on it.

Enhancedreborn is the trainer you need for 5R.

It’s a trainer, specifically made for 5R and generally needed in most servers to actually be able to do stuff.

Thank you Both for the information.

If you know any good established servers that take new people let me know. Till then i will try to look for some.

You all have a nice day and once again thanks.