New TEBEX Rules / and how to monetize servers in 2023

Dear, server owners & dev,

after the change of rockstars tos now tebex will take actions against fivem servers, that are not follow the new rules.

Some people say, that reallife brand cars are allowed, other say its not.

Then there are people, that just change the BMW logo a bit and everything seems to be fine.

Maybe make it simple and not in a lawyer language that has much freedom of intepretation.

The changes will affect all of us, server owners will not make nearly the same revenue than before this rule, that takes a 15% share of the revenue from tebex sales will either lose a lot of revenue and all of the developers out there will lose revenue because with less money server owners cant spend a lot on scripts anymore.

I dont want to attack anyone with this. Let us brainstorm and rethink how we can safely monetize our servers without getting problems from our tebex.

btw. sorry for my bad english, usually i let chatgpt right my text, but i prefered my real words here. :slight_smile:

Original email from tebex:

Dear Server Owners,

Our goal in Tebex is to help you run a safe and successful game server. One of our key services is around monetization, and as such, we need to avoid conflict with third party brands and copyrights. Although it may be that no infringement of third party rights has occurred, we are currently investigating certain uses of Rolls-Royce, Mini Cooper and BMW names and imagery. Pending further notice, we request that any and all content containing these brand names or which otherwise makes reference to any of their respective products and services is removed from your store. We kindly ask that you act according to this request immediately, and no later than 5PM GMT on March 20th, after which we will be forced to take appropriate action.

More generally, we remind you that, in accordance with our terms of business, you are not allowed to sell anything that might conflict with third party brands and their copyrights in your shop.

If you do not list any products that violate our terms, you do not need to take any action on your store.

We know that this may have an effect on the variety of items you can offer, but do keep in mind that we must respect the legal rights of third parties in order to be able to allow you to continue to monetize your FiveM server.

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Does this logo ring a bell, by chance?

There’s precedent for the main concern being the logos and branding, not the design itself.

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If the server revenue relies on selling copyrighted material i think a bit of introspection might be the recommended reaction.

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Maybe make it simple and not in a lawyer language that has much freedom of intepretation.

Uhh… Sure. Dont infringe on copyright and earn money out of it and youre fine.

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wouldnt this be a copyright infrigment too? Now i would sell logos that R* made. I cant see a difference. Again i dont want to make any stress just start a topic to discuss. because this topic should be interesting for owners, devs and cfx

It should not attack anyone. I fully understand that copyright infregment should not be tolerated. But maybe we need some guidlines from experts in this business.

When copyright infregment starts?

if you use the company brands on models or if you use the shape of the model?

Whats with mlos? When is something declared as a copyright infrigment? For example, i buy a fleeca bank mlo, then that is copyright infrigment too, because the seller is using logos from R* and selling it and im using it without the permission from R*.

Both a car model or the use of a GTA LOGO in a mlo is a copyright infrigment.

So both is not allowed because of copyright infrigment.

I think if that would be that strict we can clear like 80% of all fivem servers and 80% of all scripts on this forum.

So is there any tolerance on what is allowed and whats not?

Is cfx and tebex even liable for copyright infrigment that happens on servers hosted be individuals?

Just want to start a topic guys. be kind. :slight_smile: again sry for bad english

I admit that it would be interesting to discuss this in order to get the best possible guidance. In the announcement made by CFX, we were waiting for some details. Unless I’m mistaken, I still haven’t seen any.


To be complety safe sell only:

  • your own work which you have the full rights for
  • work which is made by third partys who allow to be sold by you or your project

do not sell:

  • work which is owned by a third party which didnt explicitly allow it.
  • copyrighted material owned by a third party / rockstar

Ask yourself before selling something:

  • Do i have the right to sell it?
  • Did i make the product i want to sell?

Law differs from country to country (or even area to area) but im almost sure R* didnt allow for profiting of their work nor that they will do it in the future.

That means:

  • Do not sell “real-world” brands.
  • Do not sell third party work without the right to do so
  • Do not sell R* assets / parts of their work

If you take these precautions you should be safe.
If you sell these kinds of “products” you either violate Tebex TOS, Rockstar TOS FiveM TOS and even if you dont violate these TOS keep an eye on the TOS / copyright of certrain brands like mercedes, palm angels, nike, adidas and so on.
These brands make sure to explicity explain how their brand is protected in different countrys / areas and even (sometimes) offer a cooperation which allows you to use these products / assets.

Stay safe,

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With other words, event big creator like GABZ are violating the tos? For selling for example the fleeca bank which is R* IP?

correct me if I am wrong but didn’t the Rockstar’s announcment said that even using them is against theyreTOS?

yes & thats the mature problem.

Using Rockstar IP is the same as BMW IP or any other IP. So basically as a fivem server owner you can not monetize your server anymore, you only can give away discord roles or faster whitelist idk.

i know there are people that will say “get a job” or something about this topic. but behind this are many people that made a lifehood or a good second source of income out of it, developers and ofc the cfx team

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Rockstar doesn’t have a trademark on the ‘Obey’ logo, though the name might be a thing, as would directly copying the logo. If you redraw it yourself, or make up ‘your own’ fake brand it’d again be ~fine.

Trademarks and other IP laws are an extremely nuanced topic.

So how exactly are servers supposed to make revenue to cover costs and such. I was thinking of offering coins that can be bought to use in game for various things but I have been told that is not allowed either. Is this true or is it allowed?

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No server “is supposed” to make revenue.

You could offer a donation-option to your playerbase, offer own (selfmade) content like custom gamemodes, (non branded) clothing or perks to your player base like:

  • colored name
  • ability to use feature XY
  • discord ranks
  • priority login
  • QoL features
  • battlepass
  • special number for ingame phone
  • custom plate for vehicles

and the list goes on.

I dont see how you need to violate / infringe copyright in order to maintain a FiveM server.
But i see how that cuts the potential revnue by 95% :wink:

a 95% revenue cut on server means, less money for developers, or paid scripts and this will affect the consument (player) too. Also 95% revenue loss for server owners means the same loss of revenue for fivem, so right now its a lose lose game for all sites. With upcoming very big projects and servers on other launchers makeing million of $ a year it will be very hard for fivem server owners to compete against them.

These are all good options that we had thought about ourselves. So what I hear you saying is the coins is a no but offering things like this is fine as long as it’s not brand name items. Thanks for the clarification.

As far as im concerned “digital currency” is fine as long as it is not convertable back to “real money” or in any violation to these Terms.

That sounds like a problem you can solve by creating your own brand / products / services which dont rely on other peoples work / copyright.
If you cant provide the same experience with that given amount you need to reconsider your “business” model.

//Edit: Of course theres no fair game when Launcher A) offers the opportunity to earn money with violationg law / copyright and Launcher B), lets call it FiveM, takes things professionally and cracks down on projects who benefit on said violations.

The same discussion is present in the real world economy:

Lets say a brand like Palm Angels gets copied in China and China doesnt care about it, of course the copy cat will have the benefit in that case because he can just copy a well working system where no marketing is needed.
Within these markets some things are were comparable like the copy cat doesnt need to pay for marketing but will profit of the paid marketing by the real deal brand.

I dont want to go too far off topic but i hope you see my point im trying to make here.


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Fully understandable, i want to discuss and get other opinions and ideas related to this topic

" As far as im concerned “digital currency” is fine as long as it is not convertable back to “real money” or in any violation to these Terms."

The idea was to only purchase coins that can be used in game for items that you mentioned. It just makes it easier to create a few items that then goes into an in game fund. Much like other games do when you buy their real money credits. There would be no reversal of coins so no selling coins for real money. Non-transferable.

Mega upload… Are they even liable? Mega upload is a prime example of if they are liable. In a sense you would think so especially if they “host” it meaning where they can download it from them?