[NEW] Sunset Roleplay | SeriousRP | Whitelisted jobs | Streamer Friendly | Gangs / Businesses | Balanced Economy | Realistic car Handling | Hiring Staff/PD/EMS/All Jobs |

Sunset Roleplay is a small FiveM community that is searching to grow in our overall population, as well as fill our command positions in all our departments. We are looking for dedicated members, new and old to RP, to develop this new and wonderful server!

----------------What We Offer----------------

  • Los Santos Police Department (looking to fill Command positions!)
  • EMS
  • Mechanic Shops
  • Gang Whitelists
  • Custom fleets for Law Enforcement vehicles
  • Custom MDT (for all departments)
  • Constant Development
  • Friendly and Active Staff
  • Developers to help us make the server better
  • Custom boosting script
  • Custom phone
  • Custom inventory
  • Custom car auctions
  • Custom heists
  • Custom housing
  • Custom drug scripts
  • Custom ‘eye’ based interaction system used with Peds, Cars, Banks, Chairs, Vending Machines


We offer a wide custom player own based businesses that people can buy.
We also include, a variety of custom scripts for etc. businesses, from a hiring system to a firing system and also a pay raise system for your employee’s, these are some of the following jobs.

  • Car Dealer (financing available)
  • Mechanic (multiple shops over the map)
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Casino management
  • Therapist
  • Lawyer
  • News Reporter
  • And many more!

----------------Emergency Department----------------

Sunset hasn’t forgotten about the Emergency’s departments.
Each department has been setup with the latest technology possible to help in etc situation.
All departments have their own special things to access, like the following,

  • Multiple Departments and Police Station
  • Custom MDT System (PD/EMS/DOJ)
  • Diverse Fleet of Custom PD/EMS Vehicles and interceptors
  • Custom Clothing and Uniforms

----------------Other Notables----------------

  • MultiCharacter (up to 8)
  • Many mini-games for different activities
  • Prison RP and jobs
  • All Vehicles have been Custom Classed and tuned extensively

The opportunities in Sunset Roleplay are endless, and we want to empower you to create your own story and pursue what ever interest you. The active staff team is always available to answer any question you may have and offer their best assistance, and our development team makes consistent updates to the server to provide the best possible roleplay experience. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Sunset

If you have any question related to the server, or just want more information about the server. Consider joining the discord server!


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