(New Server!) ✨ YamatoRP | British Themed | 16+ | SeriousRP | Whitelisted | NHS | Met Police | Gangs | Racing

:sparkles: YamatoRP - “A Premium Roleplay Experience”

Who Are We?

Yamato is a community of mature members. We strive in providing an high level of Roleplay at all times. Our development team have spent countless hours over the last 7 months in developing content for the server. We’re a rather new and small community and we’re looking for like-minded members so that we can grow to potentially be one of the biggest UK-themed FiveM servers out there. This a vision that we truly believe in.

You won’t want to miss out! - We’re sure that this will be one of the best servers that you’ll play on. This isn’t just a copy and paste ESX / vRP server. This server has been developed from the ground up with the primary focus being on the user experience

What We Offer?

Endless possibilities. We have a range of different activities that you can engage in within the world of Yamato. We’re sure that regardless of your characters background. You’ll find something to love about our community. The development team consists of 2 dedicated members which are constantly rolling out updates on a daily basis along with feature updates every 2-3 weeks based on the communities suggestions. This is how dedicated we are to this project!

Here are ‘some’ of the current features within the server:

  • Realistic ‘British Themed’ Economy (GBP) :moneybag:
  • Range of Different Police Departments (CID, Firearms, Anti-Corruption, Traffic) :oncoming_police_car:
  • Advanced Emergency Lighting System (ELS) w/ Custom Lighting Patterns :rotating_light:
  • Active Staff :man_technologist:
  • Custom Clothing & Vehicles :blue_car:
  • British Themed World :uk:
  • Cryptocurrency :credit_card:
  • Stock Market :man_office_worker: (Real World Values)
  • High Performance Scripts :white_check_mark:
  • UK-Themed Gangs :hocho:
  • Store & Bank Robberies :money_mouth_face:
  • Drifting & Racing Competitions :racing_car: - (Player Ran)
  • Fighting Club :fist_left:


Thank you for checking out this post. We hope that you’ll consider us for your next roleplay adventure. We’re rather small at the moment but we’re looking to grow as soon as possible.

How do I Join?