New Server Reflection Roleplay (NA) (English Only)

We are a new server looking for people to join us in some really fun, roleplay. We come to the table with fresh ideas, and some really good things to get involved in.

A little about the owners: I am one of them, I have an extensive background in game creation at Electronic Arts. I did a lot of work there and managed communities there. Looking to start my own Fivem Roleplay server with really in-depth storylines and unique experiences for all walks of life. Hiring police, we have a really good Chief of Police with lots of experience. We are looking for an EMS Chief and also someone to run our DOJ. We are looking to launch really soon, and feel our server is the next up-and-coming place to be. I have over 4000 hours of Fivem on my account, and completely love roleplaying.

My counterpart is very good at coding and knows how to write scripts to befit someone’s needs. He works hard and doesn’t sleep until the job is done. He can add things to the city for your character specifically, and we are even willing to create things for specific characters as needed as long as it creates a bigger and better story.

hopefully, you will come to join us on our journey and create an in-depth character the community can enjoy, or completely despise. We always remember that we are a COMMUNITY FIRST and want the best, and most fun for everyone.

We appreciate your time in reading this and hope you will join us on ReflectionRP. Join our discord for information on how to join, and read the rules so you can understand what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.


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city is growing slowly or surely… really looking for gangs to join so we have more for our current gangs to do. We have great devs that d o custom clothes and liveries for gangs.

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We’re continuing heavy development on RRP, within the past few days we have:

  • Revamped our entire doorlocking system including the changing over of >200 locks.
  • Switched our entire PD fleet to Ripple’s Liberty II pack (courtesy of Fayte)
  • Our graphic designer has created 2 custom liveries - never seen before - for each of the 12 vehicles
  • Written from scratch a new job: ‘Uber Eats’ where players pick up orders from various restaurants around Los Santos and deliver them.
  • Resolved exploits forcing different camera perspectives
  • Re-written part of our Admin menu to give our staff better quality of life.
  • Revamped our Dispatch system for PD
  • Written a custom Bank heist from scratch

We’re working on so much more behind the scenes and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Busy weekend for us all!

Development team has spent the day fixing bugs resolving a backend issue that caused rare events of instability for players. Big achievement!

Today alone we’ve pushed 11 updates to the server, and we’re only just getting started. We continuously work to address player issues to improve their user experience and quality of life. That’s what we believe in.

Come check us out!

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