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Redwood 1.0 Official launch!

We are an actively developed and staffed server that is open to the public. Recently we’ve been rethinking and adding many new features, jobs, and things to do within the city. This allows new and seasoned roleplayers a fresh new take on that Redwood experience. Redwood RP is the perfect place for players looking for a serious roleplay experience.

We boast numerous quality of life features, MLO’s, custom jobs, interiors, plates, and more, we offer a wide range of unique opportunities for players, as well as the ability to apply for player-owned businesses, mlo’s, and more to keep things feeling fresh.

Our biggest focus is the drive of roleplay and individual character stories, to help you do this we provide all the tools you could want or need. Our staff, who take an active role within the city as players themselves, are friendly and willing to help teach new players the proper way to handle situations without the fear of harsh punishments or retaliation.

If all this is enough to peak your interest, join us on our discord and in the city, to start your story today.

For those of you that are curious, but want to learn more before you make up your mind, dive into this post and explore all of the options we have available.

Redwood is a versatile virtual world or role-playing game that provides its users with a wide range of activities to choose from, enabling them to construct their own narratives in the game. Whether one prefers to engage in legal or illicit ventures, conduct honest business, go fishing with friends, play games at the arcade, or explore other options, Redwood promises to have something for everyone, as long as they can envision it. In addition, the platform emphasizes social interaction and community building, offering opportunities for group participation and camaraderie. Overall, Redwood is an immersive and dynamic platform that fosters creativity and imagination in its users.

The Inventory :

The Phone :

:hamburger: | Food & Drink - Connoisseur of all things food and drink or a very picky eater? Redwood has you covered with its huge array of foods and beverages, no matter your tastes you are bound to find something that will satisfy you.

:hotel: | Hotels, Motels, and Housing - Real Estate offers you the ability to buy any house in the city, and lets you decorate it however you want, from the most luxurious homes to the dumps. The choice is yours. Not quite ready to buy? There are a number of different Hotels available to rent, so no citizen within the city needs to be without a place to stay.

:oncoming_automobile: | Racing System and Custom Cars - Are You a car enthusiast that loves all things that go fast? We have a huge selection of cars to buy, from multiple dealerships. Want a little more power, to get that true speed you’re looking for? Take the car to any one of our cities Mechanics to have it souped-up, and then hit the streets where you can create and save racing routes to share with those around you. Though watch out for that pesky police….

:people_holding_hands: | Multiple Characters - We offer you the ability to have up to five different characters in the city so that you can be anyone and everyone you’ve always wanted to be. Who says multiple personalities is a bad thing?

:sailboat: | Boat ownership. - Love spending time in the water, but is the idea of renting a vessel every time you want to hit the water daunting? Then skip the rentals altogether and head down to the docks where you can browse through a variety of boasts to purchase. Boats can be stored at the docks for no extra cost to you. How great of a deal is that?!

:bike: | Bike Rentals - Scattered across the island of Los Santos at key areas there are bike rentals stations, these are cheap push bikes that you can use to get around the city in a pinch.

:golf: | Golfing - hit the fairways and spend some time relaxing on the greens, alone or with friends it’s a great way to pass the time. But try and avoid the roughs!

:dog: | Pets - Lonely and looking for a companion, but you’re unable to make that human connection? Why not head down to Dick’s pet store and pick up one of our many animals up for adoption. But make sure to care for them properly or they may get sick and need a visit to the vet.

One of the many food stores around the city:


:taxi: | Taxi - Drive around the city exploring the map, and taking customers (Players and peds alike) from A to B. Remember to drive safely though - no one wants to get pulled over by those annoying cops, or risking pissing your customer off.

:pickup_truck: | Tow Truck Driver - Work for the city of Los Santos as a City Tow Truck Driver. Pick up abandoned cars around the city and take them back to the impound for a bit of cash, tow player-owned vehicles to mechanic shops when they’ve broken down, or help out the police by towing cars to the station.

:recycle: | Garbage Collector/Recycling - Help keep the streets of Los Santos clean one dumpster at a time. This job allows players to work alone, or with up to 4 friends, more hands makes lighter work.

:office: | Player Owned Businesses - Always dreamed of running your own business? Well, here is your chance. Fill out a business application on the website/discord with your million dollar idea and the city will review it and as long as it makes sense and is possible, you’ll soon be calling yourself CEO.

:hamburger: | Cooking Job (Such as Taco and burgershot) - Like the food worker industry? Or just need a cover for how you’re racking in so much money with all those shady ‘business deals’ you’ve been doing? Grab a job at one of our local fast food joints and start preparing food for the lovely city of Los Santos.

:left_speech_bubble: : | And much more - The city offers a variety of other jobs to choose from besides the jobs listed here. Join the city and head to the job center to check out the full list of each job the city has to offer.

Each individual job offers unique features with the sole intention of increasing the amount of roleplay for all parties. You as a player can choose between a large number of custom-made jobs and activities to help your character build their story.

Interested in a few job features? Click on the jobs below!

Law Enforcement

Some Police Features

  • Emergency Services Blips
  • Restricted Armory
  • Advanced Jail System
  • Evidence System
  • DLSR-style camera, usable both on foot and in vehicles, for crime scene documentation and surveillance with discord webhook integration to automatically upload photos to both PD-specific evidence, and general non-PD photo channels.
  • Blood, fingerprint, bullet casing, and vehicle fragment evidence pickups.
  • Bullet impact evidence, with angle-of-impact evidence for non-ped impacts, and attachment to the damaged entity bone on ped impacts.
  • Copy/paste functionality for evidence bags, and the ability for police to notate them.
  • Lock tampering evidence that can be set up to indicate attempted or successful/attempted lockpicking or hacking
  • Vehicle evidence, including blood, casings, and fingerprints that are automatically saved to the vehicle database
  • Frisk and other police actions usable via ox-target
  • Routing bucket support for evidence, disconnect persistence, and configurable evidence duration
  • Police Lockers
  • Impound System
  • Advanced MDT
  • Handcuff Item
  • Bullet Casing
  • Speed Radar
  • GSR Testing
  • Blood Drop
  • Stormram
  • Vehicles
  • Radar

Emergency Medical Services

  • Reworked Weapon & Injury Damages
  • Bleeding & Internal Bleeding
  • Reworked Injury System
  • Unconscious damaged state
  • Advanced EMS MDT
  • Prescription Drug
  • Defined Bones & Joints
  • I.e. being shot in the foot limps that specific foot
  • Medical Beds
  • Blood Types
  • Vehicles


Ahh, the jack of all trades, well of cars that is. Paint, Upgrade, Tint, and fix anything with an engine and a paying customer. It’s a dirty and challenging job but someone has to do it. But why work for others when you can beg, borrow, cheat, or even steal your way into your very own Garage.

  • Changeable vehicle parts
  • Changeable engine sounds
  • Repair vehicles part by part
  • Tow vehicles
  • Change vehicles cosmetics
  • I.e. Paint, Tint, wheels, body kits, under glow, etc.
  • Nitro kit part

Real Estate

Drive around in style with your very own company car, showing off some of the best luxury homes, stores, and offices to the high-class people of Los Santos. Real Estate offers a very enriching and exciting career opportunity for those willing.

  • Placeable Houses, Offices, and Warehouses
  • Placeable Garages
  • Office Space (MLO)
  • Company car
  • and more

To name a couple of player-owned businesses;

  • Vanilla Unicorn
  • Burgershot Inc
  • East customs
  • Beach club

… and much more!

We are always looking for dedicated business owners.

Do you have a business idea? Let us make it a reality!

:bowling: | Bowling - Looking for a fun date night, or just something to do? Head over to the Bobs Balls, bowling alley, and throw a few around with your friends.

:dart: | Darts - Who doesn’t love a good ole fashioned game of darts with your buddies. You can play for fun, or if you want to put your money where your mouth is, maybe make a few bets along the way.

:department_store: | Night Clubs - Who wants to stay home every night watching tv or reading? Dress up, and hit the town with your friends, with a variety of different clubs, from the Comedy clubs, and Raves, to the ever Famous Vanilla Unicorn, there is always something to do.

:clubs: | Casino - Gambling your thing? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our city offers a full-service Casino with working blackjack, Slot Machines, Roulette, 3 card poker, and Lucky Wheel. If you’re really lucky, you could even win a Casino exclusive car!

:small_airplane: | Ultralight Rentals - Wanting something a little more thrilling, that rush of cool air as you sore through the sky? Head up north and grab one of our rentable Ultralight Gliders and take to the skies… Though remember the city is restricted airspace, so if you decide to take any detours, you may find PD’s air one giving you some unwanted company.

:speedboat: | Boat and Jetski Rentals - Want to spend your day out in the water, but don’t want to pay the outrageous prices to own a boat or Jetski? No problem. Just head to the docks and rent a boat or Jetski for daily use, and when you’re finished you can return it. Or not, the choice is yours.

:camping: | Camping - Tired of the bright lights and noise of the city? Why not buy a tent and head up north for a relaxing camping trip. Alone, or with friends, the views of the night sky uninterrupted by the city lights, is sure to awe and inspire you.

:fish: | Fishing - Living on a very large island - what better way is there to pass your time than a relaxing fishing trip. From shoreline to the deepsea, Redwood offers an Innovated fishing system that allows our players to become fully immersed in the experience.

:bison: | Hunting - If hunting is your thing, be it for passion, sport, or Business, Redwood has it covered! Head up north to hunt a wide array of games, though be careful of the sheriff’s department as some games may not be considered legal….

:checkered_flag: | Racing System - For those of you who are car lovers we also have a system in place where you can save racing routes and start them with friends, or enemies.

And much more - The city offers a variety of other activities to choose from besides those listed here. Join the city to check out the full list of each activity the city has to offer.

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