[New Server] Omerta RP Hiring LEO/EMS - Live anywhere/Decorate Interior - Drugs/Gangs/Mafia - Realistic Economy- 100+ Add-on cars for Civ - Public Jobs/Whitelisted Jobs - Multi Character

Welcome to Omertà RP!

About Us

We are a new, adult-managed, mafia-themed serious roleplay community founded by four friends (The Commission) looking for members who are focused on maturity and quality roleplay. We will be an “agree to rules” discord whitelist which will allow anyone at anytime to become a member given they agree to follow server rules. Join Discord here https://discord.gg/6Vdt4Asega

Server Features
• Multiple Characters (5)
• Pick from 5 different apartments on start (each character)
• Whitelisted & Non-whitelisted Jobs (LEO, EMS, Tow, Garbage, Trucker, News Reporter, Taxi, Doctor,
Lawyer, Judge, Hotdog Vendor, Mechanic, Car Salesman, several restaurant jobs)
• Illegal Jobs (Blackmarket gun sales, Drug Manufacturing, Drug dealing [can sell to AI, careful…other AI
may call the authorities!], Identity Theft, Chop Shop)
• Injury System (Limping, Bleeding, Blackouts)
• Hidden Illegal Activities (Dealers, Traphouses, Illegal Pawnshops, Street Races)
• Gang Hideouts
• Consumable drugs (Weed, Meth, Crack, Ecstasy, Cocaine)

Dual-Clan Policy
We do not mind if you are LEO, EMS, or Civilian in any other server. However, if you tend to be inactive your LEO or EMS job may be forfeited. We do not allow our staff members to be staff in other servers concurently.

Omertà Meaning

Omertà is a code of silence and secrecy practiced by criminal organizations, such as the Mafia, that forbids members from betraying their ‘brothers’ to authorities. The penalty for disobeying the oath is death.

The Commission

The Commission, formed in 1931, is the governing body of the American Mafia. The Commission replaced the title of capo di tutti capi (“boss of all bosses”) with a ruling committee that consists of the bosses of the Five Families. The purpose of the Commission was to oversee all Mafia activities in the United States and serve to mediate conflicts.
Likewise, the Omertà Commission is the governing body of the server and was designed so that not any one person has more power or pull, and all major server decisions are decided by vote. Each member of the Commission runs their own mafia “family” in-game.



Absolutely love this server! The economy is very creative, real cars from big name brands, you can live anywhere on the map, and when you’re a cop an AI can/will report criminal activity if they see it! The server is pretty up to date and the staff team is quick to address a bug or any issue within the server.


Cycling different Vehicles into dealerships very soon come get them while they are here.

We try to change them every other day. :grinning:


selling to locals :money_mouth_face:


This server has got everything. Super customizable and very lenient when it comes to “ESX type” servers. Lots of fun different jobs and there is always something to do. You can even interact with the AI. The “commission” (the admins) are great people and are willing to help. Definitely recommend Omertá to everyone who wants to be a part of a real chill and down to earth server.


TokoVoip is now our main communications we have it up and running but will implement at a later date; it really helps bring the Roleplay to a whole new level. for the people that don’t know, Toko is a plug-in for Teamspeak. It is a more advanced proximity chat with directional voice, and voices fade in and out depending on distance instead of cutting out abruptly Police and Civ have dedicated radio channels plus working in-game phone calls. lets see some people hop in and play! :slight_smile:

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Harvest season is always lucritive!

Own car trailers to get your illegally chip tuned ride to the car meet or haul your offroad toy to the wilderness!

November NVE was released with a couple server-sided goodies. Come check out the FROZEN Alamo Sea playground legal to drift and slide around here With police supervision!

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