Pennsylvania State RP

We are looking for active members and people to run departments for example Fire. We have a staff team of around 5 who are on most days and around the same amount of Civs that hop on daily. We do strong/realistic RPs and we are very involved with our members in the discord doing votes and so on what the community wants to see.

What You Can Do In The Community

You can run civ departments for example a towing company, You can join one of the two LEO department (Allegany Sheriff’s office and Pennsylvania State Police), You can also join one of our current Civs departments for example Legion Security, These just touch the surface of what you can do with loads more to do.


Custom Cars,
LEO Custom Cars,
Leo/Civ/Fire Toolbox,
Based Off Pittsburgh And The Surrounding Area,
Custom EUP,
Custom Scripts,
Radar/Radar Speed Gun,
And Loads More.

Come Join Our Discord And Have Some Goods RP,

Hi, My name is 2biaS. am Looking for a Staff team. I offer to stream on the server And try make people join. Ashwell I offer to pay on the server and be donator to help the rough moths out. I also offer to be on the server 24/7 and help members all the time Ashwell I am really active soo if I can I would like to make a meeting with you guys and see if I can start be staff on you’re server. my YouTube is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxdwMkkF4GWalp-Pj0NHR_A

Hi my name is David and i would like to be on the staff Team i have 3-4 years Experience with roleplay My discord name is Lxquid-Dave#1968 i hope we can chat soon.