[NEW SERVER] ICE RP | Whitelisted | COPS | LOOKING 4 CRIMINALS | EMS | NON ELS | Active Members | All Departments Hiring!

Welcome to the home of ICE RP. Our primary goal here is to Inspire, Create, and Encourage roleplay for everyone in the community. We as a community aim to inspire you to create your own unique stories whether that story stays here with us or traverses across other communities. We believe this will encourage inclusiveness amongst communities as well as expand on the roleplay experience. We strive to provide a fun, friendly community and server to help you constantly create your own voice. ICE RP is a custom coded server based around our community and what encourages them to keep roleplaying. Whether you are a Government Official, a criminal, or a civilian, play what you want and where you want.

We began this community at the beginning of March and we are very proud to see the community continuing to grow and expand. We look forward to meeting everyone that comes into the community and seeing the amazing stories they create!

We strive to bring loads of new content for all types of roleplayers in our community whether they are PD, EMS, Criminals, or Civilians. We take feedback and suggestions very seriously as our primary goal is to create a community where everyone has a voice and to bring players a server they can truly feel a part of.

Our main two departments are PD and EMS, both of which still have many high rank positions open.

Police Department
Within PD we offer multiple certificates such as marksman certified and flight certified with more to come!

Emergency Medical Services
Within EMS we also offer a wide variety of specialty training. This includes Psychology, Surgery, Fire, Search and Rescue, and Combat Search and Rescue.

We also allow individuals to cross-train and be a part of both departments.

Criminal & Civilian
We also strive to provide plenty of content for those wishing to partake in criminal or civilian roleplay. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
~Houses, Apartments, Businesses
~Various Jobs
~Balanced Economy
~Store Robberies
~Bank Robberies
~Drug Trafficking
~Various heists with special rewards
~Mugging, Hacking, Looting
~Much, Much, Much More!

If you are interested in joining, head over to the ICE RP discord (required) and check it out! Whitelisting is fast and easy.


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