[New Server] High Altitude Freeroam Server | Growing Community | Custom Cars | Anyone Can Be Cop

Brand New Server!

Hey guys welcome to High Altitude Freeroam! We are a new freeroam server based Australian Wide and want to welcome all of you to join our community. It’s only small right now but we wish to grow and develop into a nice strong community, If you think you wanna give it a look then come join and meet our friendly staff. We welcome ideas as well and plenty of suggestions to make our server better, we are still new to all of this so we are learning but i feel like we are getting pretty good we just need the player base to keep going.
To connect to the server just press f8 once in fivem and do “Connect” and you’ll start to join

Here is the connection ip and discord for you guys to join
Discord: High Altitude Freeroam
Connection IP:

Thank you for having a look at our server and hope to see you soon!

Server is under new owner ship with new cars getting added daily!