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Rew1nd RP

Summary of our server:
Here at Rew1nd RP we are always looking to make your roleplay experience better in any way possible. In order to manage this we are always listening to our community for any changes so we can make your stay here as entertaining and enjoyable as possible. We are trying to make a rapid growing community where everyone can have fun roleplaying without any staff bias and (or) member biases. If you’re not active you will be kicked.

Our Departments:
San Andreas Highway Patrol
San Andreas Fire Department
Los Santos County Sheriff
Los Santos Police Department

Must be at least 13 years of age.
Must be mature on all actions made and take full responsibility for them
Must have a legal copy of GTAV.
Must have Discord
Must have a working microphone (no echo)

Server information:
Discord: Rew1nd RP | FiveM
Website: FiveM - Rew1nd
Forums: https://fivem.rew1nd.com
We hope you enjoy your stay at R1RP and don’t forget to leave us suggestions/feedback on our discord so we know how to make your stay at R1RP better. (Currently our FiveM server is not up, but it will be up soon!)

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