New Realistic Drug Script [QB/ESX]

:herb: KVL Drugs V2 is now more updated and more detailed!


• It is compatible with QB and ESX framework.
• It is completely compatible with the target system.
• Animations containing props that work in sync with all players
• Config file where you can completely customize everything.
• 0.0ms resmon usage thanks to carefully written codes

:homes: 3 different drug laboratories in secret locations (Weed, Meth, Coke)
:people_holding_hands: Drug sales system where you interact with advanced NPCs, free from classic sales.
:credit_card: Entry card item feature when entering laboratories
:man_dancing: Animations that work with unique items for each drug type
:smoking: UI minigame option when wrapping joint (credit solos)
:pirate_flag: Be careful not to sell drugs on the hood or the locals may fine you :wink:
:newspaper2: … You can see many other features by watching the preview video.

:question: If you encounter an error during installation or want to get more detailed information about the script before purchasing, open ticket


:tv: • Watch Preview

Tebex Links

:money_with_wings: • OPEN SOURCE
:money_with_wings: • ESCROW

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000+
Requirements QB & ESX
Support Yes

Why does this look almost identical to @DRC_SCRIPTS drug system?

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My friend, if you look at it logically, of course, there may be animation similarities, these animations are not only in drc drugs, many drugs scripts on the market also have the same animation, we all use similar animations, other than that, it is normal that they can be the same logically, but this script is not similar enough to say it is almost the same. If you noticed, even the stages are almost different, if you look at the props in the animations, you will understand that they are not the same.

There are tons that uses these animations, and they are simply copying the way GTA does drug production. Do the research before making these kinds of comments on peoples posts.

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Never mentioned the animations specifically. Plus, I have been using drc_drugs for over a year in our server and I’m very familiar with it. I just asked why it looks identical. If you’re getting defensive over it, thats on you ig.

cuz its identical

Its distasteful to go linking other peoples resources on someone’s forums post about their resource. Of course they look identical, DRC and every other drug script with these animations is literally just a knockoff of GTAs code. Why don’t you go ask DRC why their script looks identical to the process in GTA:O? LMAO

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Its a valid question, and since you seem to get so defensive and rude over it, I’ll just flag it for moderation to investigate it and sort it out. If you’re involved, you can sort it out with them.

Just tired of seeing people do that on so many posts. Its distasteful. Show some class. Especially when the answer is obvious.

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If it was obvious, I wouldn’t ask. There is nothing wrong with spreading awareness of things that raise suspicion. Only someone guilty feels its distasteful and wrong to ask a question about comparability. Like I said, explain it to the admin. Take care.

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Frankly, if drc was the only person using these animations in fivem and my script had 100% the same features as his, I would definitely agree with you in such an analogy, but I cannot accept such a statement in a script whose code is like this. I wrote it from scratch. It is normal that I use animation because there is no higher level animation than this, I did not take the codes from drc’s script. If you like the script, you buy it, if you don’t like it, you don’t buy it. Liking something is a gradual concept. If one person likes drc drugs, another person may like my script. I find this quite reasonable, but I don’t like it when you come and make such a comment about the subject of a script I sell. If you don’t like it or if you like drc drugs very much, you can go and buy it. This script belongs entirely to me and has nothing to do with any other script.

I think you need a pair of eyes, it has no similarities other than the animations.


    • I think it’s easy for players
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  • Sales are continue
  • Always Best, KVL Store_