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Are you looking for a new public serious RP server to play on? Well, look no more! Introducing RaidenRP, a server that has been under development for the past 6 months with the goal to provide roleplayers a new experience. We are a US/EU-based server built by a team with over 2500 hours of RP. We are currently looking for new players to join us on our journey. We are a community that listens to their members and implements new features/bug fixes daily. Our server is run using a dedicated machine with optimized resources guaranteeing 0 lag.


Forums: https://RaidenRP.net

Server IP:

Discord: RaidenRP

Join: Join by press F8 and typing connect or search RaidenRP on the server list.


  • A lag-free experience.
  • A ton of custom resources never seen before.
  • A staff team that listens to their players.
  • A mature police team that makes the server fun for criminals.


Public Jobs

:wrench: | Mechanic - Fix and upgrade player’s vehicles.

:oncoming_taxi: | Taxi - Drive NPC’s and player’s to their destination with a built in taxi meter and a phone app.

:hamburger: | Burgershot - Work with multiple co-workers to serve burgers and smoothies by playing a fun minigame in order to become a manager.

:bell: | Cluckin Bell - Deliver food orders to local NPC’s.

:red_car: | Towing - Drive around accepting local / player requests to tow damaged cars to make the road a safer place.

:truck: | PostOP - Deliver packages around the city in order to support businesses.

:briefcase: | Businesses - Buy any shop around the map and get a cut of the profits from player spendings.

:diving_mask: | Diving - Dive at specific locations to get corals that can be sold.

:fishing_pole_and_fish: | Fishing - Use a fishing rod near any water body to get fish that can be sold to restaurants.

:deer: | Hunting - Hunt animals in order to sell their meat and fur.


Misc Features

:red_car: | Balanced Cars - We offer a variety of custom cars with balanced handling making police chases fun for both sides.

:racing_car: | Racing System - Start races with bets to become the best driver on the server.

:tshirt: | Custom Clothing - Custom clothes to express yourself and separate yourself from other players.

:man_in_tuxedo:t2: | Multiple Characters - Create multiple characters with different storylines.


Los Santos Police Department

Los Santos Sheriff’s Department

Emergency Medical Services

Start your career in any Law Enforcing Department and get access to K9’s, Spikes, AR’s, etc.


Real Estate

Sell houses to players or buy and flip houses. Every house comes with multiple tiers and an endless amount of furniture.


Illegal jobs

We do not want to spoil all the illegal activities so we are only going to list a few.

:herb: | Weed Planting - Plant weed anywhere around the map but make sure they are hidden.

:rice_cracker: | Drugs - Create different types of drugs in a lab and sell it to locals.

:gun: | Robberies - Rob almost every store around the map to make a profit.

:atm: | Heists - We offer multiple heists where you can rob places like the Pacific Bank.

:hammer: | Crafting System - Craft weapons and items to use or flip for a profit.

:hammer_and_wrench: | ChopShop - Steal cars and chop them to get materials for crafting illegal items.

:house_with_garden: | House Robbery - Rob houses to gain money and jewelry.

And much more we don’t want to spoil.


Started working on a new business script check out #change-logs