New qb-inventory edit

Newest inventory css edit

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Awesome! Maybe for ox?

Great, BUT! u need to fix when trying to use the second option Hover its hard to use the option " single " Half " All " as the hover disappears if u move mouse slowly to right u need to swing it fast so the hover stays.


its just css edit
just copy css style for buttons from main qb

for whatever reason since installung the weapons stopped worked, like i press 1 and it doesnt get pulled no errors anywhere

its newest qb inventory you need to update i gues

maybe an OX version soon?


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Hey, great inventory, very clean animations.

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you said the weapons are fixed but they aren’t I just checked and I have the latest qb-weapons and your inventory and the weapons dont pull out

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its just css edit weapon work only slot 1 to 5

Hey i have been trying to reload a weapon by ammo by pressing on slot it doesnt work also by clicking use still same it doesnt reload kindly let me know how to fix this

this inventory works with last upadte of qb older qb-weapon will not full functional

GitHub - ItzMuri/ox_inventory-reskin: finished