[NEW] Prime Roleplay | Serious & Fun | Player Owned Businesses | Hiring all positions

Prime Roleplay is an upcoming whitelisted roleplay server. We will be launching our game server around January and we will be hosting many events in launch to get things started.

We are looking for roleplayers that want to take their roleplaying experiences to the next level with much more depth. To have characters that will build relationships with others and will create new stories together. So if you are looking for low effort RP, this server is just not for you.

Our team consist of multiple developers and staff with years of experience in roleplay. So, you can expect maximum professionalism from us!

Since you are still reading, you must be interested on reading some more about our server. Lets start with features!


We have quite a lot of things to cover so let’s start with the basics. We have lots of non-whitelisted and whitelisted jobs to choose from, but if you don’t want to follow the legal road, you can also become a criminal. The choice is yours!

Non Whitelisted Jobs

  • :pick: Mining - Mine valuable metals and sell them at the refinery.

  • :taxi: Caddy - Become a taxi driver and make money driving NPC and players around.

  • :truck: Trucking - Deliver goods to multiple locations.

  • :fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing - Get fish and sell them on the market.

Whitelisted Jobs

  • :police_car: LSPD - Become a police officer and enforce the law, protect the citizens and keeping law-breakers locked up.

  • :ambulance: SAMS - Be an emergency medical technician and save lives on the rough streets of the city.

  • :toolbox: Mechanic - Fix broken down vehicles of players and get them back to the road.

  • :hamburger: Burgershot - Get to sell not so healthy burgers and make your customers get closer to a heart attack.

  • :oncoming_automobile: Auto Dealer - Be the middle man between driver and vehicle manufacturer.

  • :houses: Real Estate Agent - Get to sell houses all around San Andreas

You thing you have what it takes to make your own business? Gather enough capital and and get your Business License from the City Council.

  • :pill: Drugs - Collect, process, and sell illegal substances like weed, coke, meth and much more

  • :moneybag: Robberies - Get all the equipment you need and hit banks, safes, jewellery stores, armoured trucks, houses and much more!

  • :racing_car: Street Racing - Street race against other players and win to make some quick cash.

  • :male_detective: Gangs - Put together a group and maximise profit from illegal activities.

  • :racing_car: Car Boosting - Grab a job from Nathanial and follow his steps.

  • :oncoming_police_car: Vinscratch - Scratch the number of a vehicle and make it yours! But watch out and do not get caught!

  • :slightly_smiling_face: Other Opportunities - There is so many other activies to choose from and get involved in! Join us now and start your adventure.

Now that we have stated all the jobs, lets move to the details of the server. We have tried to add as much more detail to make our roleplaying experience feel more realistic, alive and unique. The major one have been listed below:

  • :hammer_and_wrench: Crafting Systems - Collect basic resources and make rare items.

  • :blue_car: IRL Vehicles - All of the vehicles for sale are real life vehicles!

  • :family_man_woman_girl_boy: Multiple Characters - Make up to 4 different characters and switch between them.

  • :currency_exchange: Cryptocurrency - Make money out of thin air by trading crypto!

  • :slot_machine: Casino - Gamble your life savings away with multiple games.

  • :tshirt: Custom Uniforms - Uniforms for every department and job.

  • :desert_island: Cayo Perico - We have the Cayo Perico island without any effects on performance!

  • :gear: Optimesed Server - No FPS drops and missing textures. Your game will run smooth like butter!

You came so far, what are you waiting for? Join our community and be part of this wonderfull experience!


Pushing a change-log this weekend and an announcement regarding our launch.

Join the Discord link in the post above.


Been working on a few things these past couple days, they will noted in the change-log which is coming this week so keep an eye for that as we have some interesting things coming.

We are hoping for a Beta day where we can let everyone come and test everything before official launch but more information will come on that in a few weeks.

Join our Discord today!


Come and join Prime roleplay launching in January.


Launching in January!

View the previews in Discord.


Launching in January!

Join the discord linked above.


Change-log posted yesterday, join the discord and view the changes we have made.

Brand new MDT, Police vehicles and a few bug fixes today!


More massive progress being made this week!

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Many updates since the last post I did and we are slowly gaining more and more players everyday!


Many more updates!

Come and try us out!

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Many more updates!

Come and try us out!

There cars are fire and the houses are legit amazing wow !

Update pushed today! Come and Join us today.

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Amazing server can’t wait for launch!

Bump ! lets go

what happened dude how did you give up so easy?

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