[NEW] Pineapple Island Roleplay | Hiring Staff | Hiring Cops | Hiring EMS | Racing | Drugs | Gangs | Serious Roleplay

Pineapple Island RP is a server that was closed a little over a year ago, but now is back and better than ever!

Pineapple Island RP is a professional rp server that is looking for new members. If you are looking for a great new server to join we are here for you.

Discord --------> Discord

Server IP -------->


  • A completely updated and revised framework
  • A completely new staff team
  • Custom cars
  • Server side EUP
  • Dedicated members and staff
  • Economy based system
  • Phones and calling
  • EMS and SASP jobs
  • Public and Whitelisted Jobs
  • Drug system
  • Gangs/Organizations


  • Farmer
  • Lumberjack
  • Miner
  • Fisher
  • Brewer
  • Vigneron
  • Courier
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Garbage Collector


  • Mechanic
  • Police
  • EMS


  • Meth
  • Cocaine
  • Weed
  • Heroin
  • More Coming Soon
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Fixed duping problems with trunks.
Fixed more problems with trunks.
Changed how meth works. Is now inside of a building. All the steps.
Weed is now picked. Rolling paper is a item that you use to make joints, no specific area anymore.
Weed sells for alot less.
Readded alot of blips.
Removed cocaine.
Meth now gives cocaine effect of speed boost.
Meth production locked to a gang.
Meth/Cocaine effect fixed.
Joints give armor.

It’s a great server! The community is awesome!

Hello who was this?