[NEW] PhantasyRP | Tons of Unique Features & Activities | Whitelisted Jobs | Bowling/Surfing/GYM | Custom Housing & Motels | Stashes | Looking for Staff Members

Discord: https://discord.gg/cDsQZx8AEA

Phantasy Rules & Guideline: [Official]Phantasy RP Rules/Guide - Google Docs

myLogo Why Choose PhantasyRP?

Welcome to Phantasy Roleplay,

PhantasyRP is being build with the idea of realistic RP in mind. All the things from the Economy to Environment will be as realistic as possible. Everything will be constantly adjusted to makes things as balanced as possible. We are building the system from the ground up and will be going through each and every resource to ensure maximum performance. We have +10 unique illegal/legal jobs for everyone to enjoy with unique official factions and gang system which brings alot of opportunities for roleplay environment and enjoyment. PhantasyRP is designed to provide you with the freedom to be whom and whatever you want to be. PhantasyRP is where you can create your story.

myLogo What do we offer?

  • Balanced Economy

  • Optimized imports vehicles

  • New Tattoo/Clothing System

  • Scars, Burn, Etc over Sun Damage

  • Custom UI design

  • Realistic Gun Control

  • Whitelisted PD, Fire, EMS, Gangs

  • Custom Damage System and Stress

  • Custom Inventory

  • Unique Farming

  • Bunch of legal/illegal jobs

  • Court System

  • DMV

  • Longer Gun fights

  • Custom gun crafting

  • Custom Vehicle Damage system

  • Tuning Chips!

  • Mechanics

  • Police Evidence

  • In-Game MDT for PD/EMS

  • Unique Radio System

  • Hotwire

  • Unique Bank and Store robberies

  • Inventory w/ Slots

  • Dealerships

  • Weazel News

  • Vanilla Unicorn

  • Benny’s Customs

And More…

myLogo Currently looking for Management & Staff Members

Our Server is new and just recently released. We are currently looking for active and mature staff members to be a part of our community.

  • Must be 18+ with experienced and good in working as a team


No? you can check out the server screenshots / preview on our discord server before joining. We would love to have you as a part of our growing community.

Join our Discord and you’ll love the Roleplay experience we provide.


Lookin for more staff members and LSPD Chief!

Must be mature and 18+

I’m loving this server!! Everyone is very friendly and open to new RPers. It’s very easy to find friends here because everyone is actively looking for good and fun RP!


Come join us, new features and a lot more coming up!



Join the LSPD and EMS!
We are recruiting…

Been having a blast, great community!

This server has allowed me to meet cool people who match my energy. There is always something to do, somewhere to be, and people to meet. I’m addicted.

Join us today:)
Thankyou for 200+ members

New update today:)
Come join us

Don’t be one of those folks, that doesn’t come play here. Come play here… OR ELSE! Best on errf’



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Come join us:)

Still looking for mature and active staff members, must be 18+