[NEW][PAID] SASP Livery Mini Pack

Cars not included
Textures Included: 2016 FPIU, CVPI, and Durango.

FPIU includes: Patrol & K9 Livery
CVPI includes: Patrol Livery
Durango includes: Patrol & Supervisor Livery

Full pack possibly in the future.

:mascot: Purchase :mascot:

for what cars?

Redsaint Liberty Pack

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@tyrannizer - How are your customers receiving their product?

Hello, Via Email Download link instantly by Tebex.

Okay. Wanted to make sure as your Tebex page appears to require individuals to join your Discord which is not allowed.

So wait, you are charging 10 bucks for a badge and crooked lettering? No custom designs? Huh… Good luck.

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I plan to fix the livery later today to add some more stuff to it. Crooked lettering is intentional.

So you are using someone else’s product to make money, or did you get permission to use his content to make money?

I made this content

You didnt make the cars though.

Im not selling the cars, not included

That’s not what I asked. I asked if you got permission from him to use HIS vehicles to make money off a skin you made for HIS vehicles.

What’s your point? Thats what licenses are for. This falls under fair use. Its HIS work not someone else’s which allows him to use or distribute it in any way he wants without legal trouble.

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new price is way better :slight_smile: