Hello everyone, We have 2 servers to offer you. First server is New Life Roleplay this is a QBCORE server that has jobs money drugs custom maps custom cars custom EUP and much more. This is a 10 slot server due to lack of members in our discord. We are looking to grow before we expend our server slots. This server is Adult Owned by a member from DOJ Role Play. Second server is a V Menu based server with custom maps cars scripts and eup. So you have 2 choices if u wanna be old school then V menu is for you. If you wanna experience realistic role play then our QB CORE server is for you. We are looking for members that wanna join our server and have fun. A place where they can call home and avoid drama.

Things we have to offer.

1.Hiring all departments.
2. Get your ID and work and drive.
3. Selling Drugs.
4. Custom scripts maps cars eup (NO LAG)
5.Friendly Adult server with active staff.
6. Daily Giveaways.
7. Server updated daily.
8. Looking for new and loyal family…


Discord…New Life RolePlay