New Life RolePlay: A new beginning

New Life RolePlay

Welcome to NLRP! We are an new growing community looking for members.

Why choose us?
Immersive world RP, thriving community, endless possibilities were the community runs the RP, regular and community events. Roles available are Law Enforcement, Criminal Organizations, Court Systems, EMS, and more coming soon.

In-Server Features:
In server CAD
Economy System
Active Law Enforcement
Active Gangs
Server-Wide Events (w/ prizes)
and so much more!

Positions we offer:
Staff (Moderation, Roleplay, or Media Staff)
And much more

Our Community Offers:
Active and Friendly Staff
Active developers
Easily navigational server
Friendly and easy-going, mature community!

There is plenty of room for progress and much more opportunities to grow and meet new people!

Check us out, here! New Life Roleplay
All Department/Staff applications are open and hiring!